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The 5 most common mistakes when it comes to customizing

When we want to customize a product with our design, a logo or a slogan we have to take into consideration many different situations. First of all, not all products are the same, so we must be clear about which products we are going to customize and with which printing techniques (screen printing, laser printing, pad printing, etc.). At Camaloon you will be able to find all types of articles, from T-shirts, caps, buttons, stickers, and bottles, among other products to customize.

In addition, we offer a free of charge validation service that will assure the highest printing quality for your product.

Below are the most common errors we find in the designs when our customers are personalizing they products.

To avoid a longer wait on the delivery of your custom product, make sure your design is suitable for your product from the start!

1 Pixelated Design

This is one of the most frequent errors. The customer usually enlarges the design in our online design tool as much as they want, but once this product passes through to the validation department you can see that the design is pixelated. At this time, our team contacts the customer to request a file with the resolution and quality necessary to create a perfect result.

2 Color Modification for Serigraphy

Serigraphy is one of the most popular printing techniques, the most used by companies to print designs on products of different sizes and materials. In these cases, when the client uploads the design, our Validation team will select the corresponding Pantone color of the CMYK color, as typically the design is uploaded in JPG or PNG but for screen printing the Pantone color is needed.

3 Text outside the customization area

Occasionally, customers enter text or design outside the print area of the custom item. When this happens, our validation team is in charge of communicating to the client that the design they have uploaded may have problems at the time of customization.

4 Text too thin

When the client decides to personalize a product with a phrase, text or slogan, our Validation team must always revise the text. In the case of Silkscreen or Laser Printing, a minimum thickness is required to be printed or engraved on the product. In these situations, if the Validation team observes that the minimum thickness is not met, the client is advised what type of typography can be substituted so that it adapts better.

5 Problems with the design of luminescent, gold and silver plates

Badges are one of our best selling items. If the customer uploads a design that has no white parts or low opacity colors, the finish is not detected. For example: brown text and black background. The finish is not seen visually because the plastic has been printed all over the area, and does not show the finish. This is one of the most common examples of the Validation team.

Our Validation department is responsible for reviewing a total of 200 designs in daily orders from Tuesday to Friday, and on Mondays they reach 400 designs. This implies a human work that Camaloon offers so that all the orders have the best quality and the best possible finish. At Camaloon we have a passion for customization and we demonstrate it in each of our production processes.

As manufacturers, at Camaloon we have full control of the whole process from order to shipping, to assure the greatest quality of the product and efficiency of the service.
We offer fast delivery in 48 hours and large bulk-order discounts.
On our website you can easily upload your designs and logos, or get creative with our designing tool.
Before checking out, you can preview the stickers with your prints to ensure it looks exactly as you imagined.
We will also validate your design once we receive the order to ensure it is in the correct formats and quality for printing.

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