The Greatest Gifts For Employees

Let’s make something clear about working in a company: motivation is key. There is no better way to keep your employees motivated than by providing them with a gift. If you do so, the people that work for you and with you will have the chance to feel not only considered but recognised for their hard work. The result of these actions can be something priceless.

Yes, investing in the right gift will pay you back in an indefinite number of ways. It will increase the level of interest and passion your employees nurture for your company and what they do for it. It will motivate them to keep on doing their best for the benefit of the company. Gift will make employees feel grateful for the opportunities offered to them. One of them, most probably the most important, is to be part of a big family that tries to make a difference in the world.    


However, let’s not underestimate the importance of finding the right gift. Not all gifts can stimulate positive reactions. So, please pay careful attention to what you are getting for your employees. Not everything works as you will think. You need to consider the needs and characteristics of your employees to find the right gift for them.

To help you find your way towards the right type of gift we have decided to make an article about the several occasions in which you can find yourself offering a gift to your employee and the types of gifts you can think of getting. From Christmas to all the other festivities, from more corporate gifts to wellness gifts, from welcoming boxes to retiring gifts. There is a lot to cover as the possibilities are close to being infinite here at Camaloon. Without further ado, let’s start exploring some of the best!

Different types of gifts for employees

Since at Camaloon we have numerous gits options for you to personalise for your team and individual employees, here below you will find a set of specific gifts categories. This will help you find the right occasion and the right idea to impress your employers and make them feel special.

All the options here listed can also be found through our website, so we invite you to click on the gifts ideas you think will suit your needs best so that you can get an idea of the different characteristics available and how the products can be personalised.


Welcome gifts for new employees

The first impression can be relevant. What is the first impression you want your new employee to have on his or her first workday at your company? Make sure your employees can feel welcome but also positively stunned on their very first day working with you and your team. Surprise them with a welcome bag or a welcome box, both can be filled up with some useful company’s personalised products and other something more personal for the person.

You can choose between hundreds of things that you can put into this welcome packages. If you are looking for ideas, we can suggest one thing or two! First, it is not a bad idea to think about which is going to be the container of your employee’s gift. Instead of some plastic bags or wrapping paper, a personalised tote bag could serve better the purpose of containing the present and become part of the present itself. Your employee will have the chance to use it to come to work or during his or her daily activities providing your business with larger exposure.


Second, what are the best options to put inside the tote bag? Besides all the company’s personalised items that you might have already (things like pens, calendars, agendas, magnets, keychains) you could think about getting your employee personalised USB sticks. They are always useful, both for work and private use. They are a very practical tool to fit in a bag or in the pocket of a jacket. The hi-tech gadget will make a well-distinguished gift.

Gifts for retiring employees

Employees can join in, but they can also conclude the path taken with your company and retire. If you want to send a message of appreciation and goodbye, you could fill up your personalised bag or box with different fresh food products. Maybe something gourmet like homemade jams, regional cheeses, honey, good wine and gourmet hams.

Also, you can think of surprising your employee with a luxury gift. It might be more expensive yes but will make the person feel special. Some of the best luxury gifts that you can present to them are travels experience, special dinners and stays in fancy hotels abroad.

In case you want to present to your employee a nice bottle of wine, do not forget to take to consider buying a special gift box for a bottle of wine and personalise it with your logo. It will make it unforgettable!


Corporate gifts for employees

If you want to amaze your employee with gifts that they will be able to use on the job, while at the office or while smart working, you should look into corporate gifts. Special personalised items such as pencils, bags, bottles, mugs and notebooks. Take care of your employee as they take care of your business being the contact link between you and your clients. Using your merchandise can help do so. Do not miss this opportunity to make things great.

Best gifts for employee’s recognition

Saying thanks to those who are working with you for the best of your business is important. There is no better way than to say it with an important gift. Create a type of gift that can be personalised not only with your visual identity but with the name of the employee.

It is a good way to make the person understand that you do not take him or her for granted and build a stronger relationship. Choose carefully your employee appreciation gifts and make sure the product, something like a personalised t-shirt, is looking good for the person to use during his or her daily activities. 

Incentive gifts for employees

Sometimes gifts can be used as the best way to motivate your employees. Encourage them to keep up with the good work and believe that what their doing has relevant value to the business and the world. However, what is the best way to do so?


Well, it is very important to understand the personality and style of your employees before getting to them with a random gift. It is better to be careful with what you present your employees with because you might end up doing the opposite of encouraging. You do not want that, for the good of your business and of your employee.

So, think carefully and try to find something that will not be too obvious. The surprise effect is key to stimulating good outcomes. Another important thing to specify is that it is easy to motivate the employees that work with you at the office, but it is harder if your employees are working remotely. They cannot feel part of the group as much as the people in the office. For this reason, it is essential to ponder which gifts should you provide to them to make them feel part of your business.

Usually, employees that are smart working tend to use their instrumentation and spaces, without having anything reminding them that they are part of something bigger. With your gifts, you can make that change. Your company’s personalised items are the perfect tool to make this valuable shift.

Everything personalised with your business logo and that can be useful to your remote employees are okay. So why not send out for your employees’ personalised desk accessories and sets? A kit will transform their workspace into your remote business office. If this does not fit your gift budget, you can also choose to send over some personalised stickers. Your employees will be able to put them over the things they use for work. Things like their computers and agendas for example.


Christmas gifts for employees

Holidays gifts are something very important for your employees to have. The holidays season always tends to be very stressful. A nice gesture made with an employee appreciation gift will make your staff members feel better. The perfect gift could be digital gift cards or a gift set of yummy treats with the company’s logo on it. What is better than a box of delicious treats? Make sure to fill it with food, things to drink and accessories to enjoy during the holiday break and let your employees make the best of the holiday season. Something that could compensate for all the hard work. Search for the perfect size purchase, a box filled with dark chocolate, sour cream, a bottle of wine, white cheddar, a tea gift box, a coffee special blend, uber eats gift card and a portable charger. Something thoughtful for the holiday occasions.

The end of the year is the perfect time to present a gift to your employees. At the office, it usually is a very stressful time of year. Whether your employee works in the office sitting at a desk or does remote work it is important to find the right giftable set for Christmas occasions. Some companies pay extra money in the employee paycheck, but not always it results to be the best idea in terms of company appreciation. Gifting is important during the Christmas holiday season because it is a fun ritual that would make the life of your team much more fun.

At such an important time of the year, it is important to find the time to have fun. Even a simple nice gesture like allowing some free time on a busy day makes a big difference for your employees. Leave your desk and spend some time with your office team. To show some appreciation organise zoom meetings from the office with the employees that do remote work to let the team be all together.

Employees enjoy a gift with a personal touch. So make sure to choose a thoughtful gift. On this occasion, forget about office supplies, they will not make a great gift. Think about delicious treats, spend your money on thoughtful ideas. As we said above a gift box is the perfect employee gift. Think about the best selling products of the year to show your appreciation and make sure your company logo appears on your employee gifts. Your team deserves to catch a break so gifting also their family is something to keep in mind during Christmas.


The best Christmas gifts can fill up a personalised packaging with your company logo on it. Your holiday gifts to your employees can mainly be composed of a bottle or two of wine, selected coffee, the special edition of tea to rest. Make sure your Christmas employees gifts are made of the best selling products out there and leave a gift card for them. Sticky notes are the perfect handmade touch.

Wellness gifts for employees

Besides thinking of ideas related to work life and fun, to demonstrate the ultimate appreciation gift to your employees you should think about letting your employees rest. In this case, your next employee gift could be a gift card for a wellness centre. Online you can get some ideas about what is available. We suggest you to look for a gift box, that would make the perfect employee gift.

In this time of coronavirus emergency, the wellness of your employees might not only be related to taking a break but also to making sure they stay safe. At Camaloon we know very well how this item can make a useful and responsible great gift for employees. Gifting things like personalised face masks, health and safety kits, personalised protective screen, personalised hand sanitisers and home office items.


Funny gifts for employees

Between all the marketing emails and desk time you employees might deserve some fun after all. Get some ideas by checking out our sports and leisure personalised products. Gifting has never been so easy.

Bulk gifts for employees

If you want to give your employees personalised items for when they are on the job then buying gits in bulk will be the best choice. Large quantities will allow you to gift your employees with merchandise every time public events like fair trades or conferences are scheduled. It might look simple but we can ensure you that when gifted personalised products are really appreciated and used by employees.

How important gifts for employees are

We have talked about how your employee’s motivation is a key factor to the productivity of your business and how this can be encouraged with a gift. Employee appreciation gifting can surprise your employees. To do so you have to find the right gift for each one of your employees and occasion. We hope this article has helped you find the right ideas for your employee gift. Especially Christmas gift since as we said before gifting is something special of the Christmas time.

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