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The history of Camaloon through the first Camalooner

It’s been about a decade since Camaloon started its operations as manufacturer of promotional products and it’s customization. In an almost artisan way, the first customized T-shirts and custom badges were made. A local in Reus (Tarragona) was the first step towards creating a great company that it is today. With the combination of ambition and hard work, what started as a small activity in Reus has become one of the most important customization companies for promotional products. This time, the story we want to tell is that of Cristóbal Luceno, current factory manager. He holds the position of factory manager at Camaloon and is one of the pioneers in the birth of this company.

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The evolution from Reus to Barcelona

Cristóbal has had a very clear view of the evolution of the company thanks to his good friend Pere Rius, who began with the project, and Bernat Farrero who was the one who decided to transform that activity into a business venture. After some time for the company to take shape, they decided to move from Reus to Barcelona, as by then it was a company of a certain size and structure that required a location to accommodate it. The change of location of the factory to Barcelona was inevitable, says Cristoóbal, whose words are clear when speaking about Camaloon’s beginnings: “at first it was curiosity until we realized the potential it could have”. And it turns out that he was not mistaking.

Career path

Cristóbal knows perfectly well how Camaloon as a business has changed in all these years. The hard work needed to set up a large company has allowed him to be in all the job positions within the factory. At Camaloon, he began as an operator, then ran a production group, later became shift manager and finally factory manager. His job is to organize the daily schedule and meet the needs that may exist in the factory, coordinating from materials, possible improvements, hiring personnel and more.

Why join our team?

The factory team is a very dynamic team. Cristo always looks for people in his team who know how to listen, value and give opinions and ideas. It is very important to be decisive and if the occasion requires it, decisions must be made for the proper functioning of the team.

Cristo says it best: “to me Camaloon it is very special, I saw it being born, I am helping it grow, and I have total dedication.” In short, this job means a lot to him, and those values of teamwork, effort, dedication and consistency are what he wants to pass on to his team.

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