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The Importance and Impact of Promotional Merchandising

In this day and age where more and more marketing campaigns are fully based and conducted only online, does promotional merchandising still work?

The simple answer is YES, and better than ever before.

In an extensive market research study conducted by the British Promotional Merchandising Association in 2013, 1000 people from different sectors were asked about how promotional products have had an impact on their professional and personal lives. This study showed that 94.1% would like to receive promotional products more often and 55.9% report that they use the promotional products they received several times. The same study shows that 50.7% believes that promotional products have the best ability to get them to take action, more particularly they speak about Mugs, Pens, and USB Flash Drives being the promotional items that urge them to recall or contact the advertiser. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot use other goodies like personalised promotional keyrings for your marketing campaign. 

BPMAs’ research conducted in 2017 about the Power of Promotional Products, show that what people value the most about promotional items received is the usefulness, so much in fact that it makes up 50% of the total responds. In addition to this, 79% of the people asked confirms that they feel appreciated when receiving a promotional gift.

The same study also shows that nearly half of the people asked have more than 4 promotional products on their desk at any given moment, the most popular being Promotional Pens (66%), Notebooks (43%), Mugs (20%), Mouse pads, and Coasters.



This study also shows that people generally consider pens to be the most effective promotional products they have bought or received, closely followed by USB sticks and bags.

Compared to the same study from 2014, we can see that promotional pens are still the most popular branded item, thanks to their quality and usefulness.

In 2018, the BPMA conducted a study among buyers of promotional merchandise, at the Marketing Week Live 2018 and B2B Marketing Expo 2018, which gave some interesting insight from the side of the companies using promotional merchandise as a part of their marketing strategy.

When asked if they ever kept a promotional product for a long time, 78% said that they had. The most popular products kept for a longer period of time were charging cables, USBs flash drives, notebooks, mugs, and pens. See the pattern here?

Furthermore, 58% of the people asked said that the environmental impact of plastics will influence future decisions on purchasing plastic items and over 70% said they are looking for recyclable and eco-friendly alternatives. In the changing climate we live in today, it is also very likely that people that receive eco-friendly or sustainable promotional products will appreciate them even more.

Recycled and eco-friendly notebooks

In conclusion, the research conducted yearly by the BPMA goes to show that using promotional products as a marketing strategy that still works, actually better than ever. By staying up to date with market trends, you can be sure that your promotional campaigns will be a success.

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