The meaning of shapes

Shapes carry universal meanings. But relax, we are not talking about your body shape! No need to sign up for that CrossFit training everybody's talking about.

Those straight lines, curves, solid bases or gentle designs you can find in everyday objects are vehicles of a deeper significance that relate to different emotions and aspects of life.

When choosing among shapes you are communicating something specific. Here is what each means:

ROUND_They stand for infinity, cause they have no beginning nor end, creating a circle of interrupted energy. While they represent motion they also make for a perfect shelter with no sharp edges and only comfort zones.

SQUARE_It is steady and stable, it speaks about honesty. Its regular shape communicates peace of mind and rest. Given the identical size of each side it represents equality.

RECTANGULAR_Another solid shape, with a strong, sturdy base that makes for a secure space. Rectangles reflect rationality and stability.

OVAL_Curved shapes like the oval are generous forms that speak about pleasure and rhythm. For its gentle lines, oval represents movement and happiness.

So, now that you know about shapes you can try your designs or photos on different formats and see how your perception of them changes according to shape.

Try It on Pins

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Try It on Magnets

/ federico