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The power of personalised merchandising for your business

Everyone loves free items, and compare to the other communication and promotional strategies, these tend to work the best. Personalised items have become a great way to make an impact on customers and future customers. However, these personalised products need a strategy behind them in order to reach their full potential. Taking this into account, quality, originality, brand recognition, and customer concerns and interests must be considered.


Value for money is one of the most important aspects to have in mind. For this reason, the investment you want to put into your personalised products is very important. Also, the more your customers and potential customers are impressed by your personalised items and appreciate receiving them, the better an image you will project to them. The quality of your products represents the quality of your brand.

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Any company can have their business cards to remember basic information, but often these items go unnoticed. To attract attention and be original, there is nothing better than personalised products that can be helpful in the day to day lives of your customers. Sounds good, doesn’t it? For example, a personalised pen, highlighter or pencil will allow you to promote your brand while at the same time having a very useful function of their own.

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Don’t limit yourself to just the personalisation of just badges for example, when you can personalise a product that better represents your brand. Your clients will appreciate the personalisation of items that have a double function and that can be helpful in general. To give a couple of examples, a bamboo pen for your organic restaurant or a bottle with your gym logo for your members. Recognition always takes time, but personalised products can bring it to your business faster.

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Moving towards a cleaner planet

We are currently in a time when concern for the environment is a topical issue, and many customers take it into account when dealing with brands or companies. Thanks to this, it is ideal to present your client with these personalised products along with biodegradable fabric bags or reusable cotton bags. Your customers will appreciate the gesture and will be able to use it for their daily tasks.

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The good news is that, although personalised items may seem like a big task, Camaloon helps you find inspiration by ensuring the best products with the best quality, validating your design and always getting the best resolution.

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