Types of Personalised Stickers

Stickers are one of the most adaptable marketing tools available. Nothing compares to the potential advertising value of personalised stickers. They can be used in so many different ways and so many different places.

No matter what kind of sticker you need, we probably have it! Here are a few types of personalised stickers that you could use to promote your business.

Personalised car stickers

Decorative stickers for your car are a promotional staple designed to display your business to large audiences. Here at Camaloon, we sort our personalised car stickers into three categories: car stickers, transparent car stickers and micro-perforated car window stickers. Here’s how they differ.

1) Car stickers

Our basic car stickers are made of premium printable white vinyl, a chemical paste as an adhesive and a layer of laminate that protects them from the outdoor elements and gives them a glossy finish.

2) Transparent car stickers

Transparent car stickers are made of clear vinyl and an acrylic adhesive that makes them easy to apply and remove. A layer of lamination protects the stickers from the elements while also providing a glossy finish. If you use white in your design, it will not be printed — it will appear transparent.

3) Micro-perforated car window stickers

Micro-perforated car window stickers are made of 40% clear vinyl and have small holes that allow you to see outside from inside your vehicle. They have a transparent polyacrylate adhesive and are weatherproof and waterproof thanks to a glossy laminated finish.

Personalised vinyl stickers

Personalised vinyl stickers are long-lasting and extremely versatile. These stickers are made of printable white vinyl with a chemical paste as an adhesive and can be used to decorate almost any surface.

Personalised sticker labels

Personalised sticker labels are used for personalising products, packaging and gifts. They can be made of paper or plastic (polyester). 

You should opt for paper sticker labels if you:

  • want cost-effective stickers
  • need them for temporary labelling
  • will use them indoors

You should choose plastic sticker labels if you:

  • need a durable solution 
  • will use them both indoors and outdoors

Window decals

Printed window stickers, also known as window decals, are large designs with an adhesive surface that can be applied to windows, doors or other glass surfaces for decoration, marketing or information. They can be as follows.

1) Window stickers

Our classic window stickers are made of printable white vinyl and acrylic adhesive. They are laminated and have a glossy finish. You can stick them to any glass surface.

2) Micro-perforated window stickers

Micro-perforated window stickers are made of 40% vinyl and a transparent polyacrylate adhesive. They have small holes in them that allow your customers to see the printed graphic from the outside while allowing you to see through the window from the inside. Our micro-perforated window stickers have a glossy finish and are laminated.

3) Easy apply window stickers

Easy apply window stickers are made of white PVC and removable transparent emulsion. They are simple to attach thanks to adhesive points and you can realign them during the first 24 hours. They have a glossy finish but are not laminated.

4) Transparent window stickers

Transparent window stickers are made of clear vinyl and meant to be placed inside the glass so they can be seen from the outside. Just like with transparent car stickers, the white colour won’t be printed.

5) Static window clings

Static window clings are made of ultra-clear (PET) material and don’t contain any adhesive. They are easy to remove or relocate, so they are perfect for short-term advertising campaigns or promotions. Their glossy laminated finish puts them side by side with regular stickers that come with an adhesive.

Personalised wall stickers

Our personalised wall stickers will cheer up your home or office! Here are your options.

1) Wall stickers

Wall stickers are made of white vinyl and permanent acrylic adhesive. You can apply them to any flat surface, so they are ideal for decorating more than just walls! You can use them on doors, tables, wardrobes and any other flat surface that comes to your mind. They are laminated and you can choose between a matte or glossy finish.

2) Wall stickers with canvas effect

Wall stickers with canvas effect are made of matte embossed PVC and transparent acrylic adhesive and have a canvas texture. They are perfect for printing photographs and artistic images, have double-sided coating and matte or glossy finish.

3) Wall stickers with opaque grey back

Wall stickers with opaque grey back are made of white vinyl and removable grey acrylic which makes them great for covering surfaces with other graphics. They are glossy and laminated.

Name tag stickers

Name tag stickers are printed in full colour on flexible vinyl and adhere to almost any fibre. They are only meant to be used once. You can have the name printed or you can opt for our “Write your name” tags stickers where you write the name yourself with a marker.

All in all

We hope this blog was informative enough for you to be able to choose the best stickers for your promotional needs. They are an excellent way to increase brand recall among your target audience.

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