Unique and functional Save the Date for your wedding

We know how stressful it is to organise a wedding. The theme of the ceremony, flowers, catering, music... and the guests! No wonder why they speak about bridezillas with all the work that's behind a wedding day.

Invitations and save the date are one of the essential elements that can't miss. What's the difference between them? Save the dates are small reminders you send everyone to make sure they won't be busy on your big day, while invitations contain more info and all details about the celebration.

We love when people get creative with Save the date and send out something unique to their guests. Look it up on the internet and you will find millions of tips to create a very original Save the date. We just received Kevin's idea, from France: send a custom card with a fridge magnet that works like Save the date.

If you had an original idea for your wedding, send it to us so that we can share it on our blog.

/ federico