Digital union for your Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is in the air. We're approaching this special day and soon your city will be all pink and heart-shaped arrows will start coming up from every corner. But, who's going to surprise their partner and give them the best gift ever?

In fact, to surprise their loved ones, every year people try to find a way to celebrate the 14th of February in a original and unique way that will rest on their memories forever.

And, of course, originality is one of our clients' motto.

So when we found out about Silvia's idea, we thought that it would be a great idea to share it with you all.

Silvia, armed with photoshop and love, created a skin and a phone case for her boyfriend and herself with an awesome design that, once joined together, resembles a heart.

And when we asked her about how she came up with it, she said:

The cases are able to reflect the personality of whomever belongs to, and so I wondered: "Why not express a feeling? Why not declare your love original and innovative yet technological way? And why not turn inside out the classical stereotype about 'the man always gives the surprise'?

My love story started 8 years ago and we both agree on saying that our life has been an extraordinary ride since then. Two pieces conjoint making a heart, a heart that beats faster when we are together.

Do you like this idea?Share with us your Valentine's Day ideas!

UPDATE: 25.02.15 We've just received the picture from Silvia!