Wall decals for your house

We've launched a new product series and this time with the help of famous artists. Today I want to present the wall sticker rainbow by Riki Blanco to you:

wall decal designed by riki blanco

You can decorate your house, your office, your kid's room - there are so many places that can use some colour and with this design by Riki Blanco all your walls will lit up :)

The wall decal is made of high-quality vinyl material that is resistant to the uv-rays of the sun and the rain that may pour down on you. We don't only use the vinyl to decorate our houses but also cars, boats, skateboards and any other thing that has to stand the test of time.

This time we have given the vinyl a special touch with the great design made by the catalan artist Riki. He wants to create a nice atmosphere in all your habitat and has therefore opted for this sticker. Where do you plan to put it?