Wayz-Up to the newest carpooling service around

Wayz-Up is a brand-new app offering commuters a chance to ditch their cars and share a ride to work. 30,000 people have signed up to the service in France alone and over 10,000 routes have been established in the greater Paris area. The app can be downloaded for free, travel costs are shared equally between users and pick-up times are completely flexible.

One of the biggest challenges currently facing Wayz-Up is helping users identify drivers who travel down the exact route they need from house to office. As a solution, the app’s founders recently got in touch with Camaloon to create a car sticker that drivers can affix to their vehicle and help users more readily identify them during pick-ups.

Wayz-Up is a welcome addition to the sharing economy, and its efforts to make life easy (especially for the morning commute which, let’s face it, is always a bit of a slog) are wholeheartedly supported by Camaloon. We can't to see your car stickers around in Barcelona!

/ kate.busby