What is print on demand and how it works?

More and more today, companies have started offering print on demand services. Nevertheless, not everyone knows about the existence of the print on demand business or understand what it is and how it works.

You might have heard about the print on demand business growing so much. Yes, but what is it? How does it run and why does it function so well?

In this article, we are going to explore the universe of the print of demand business and its services trying to answer all the above questions and understand more about print on demand in general.


The future of eCommerce: the demand business

Companies like ours, eCommerce platforms, with an online store filled with custom products, print on demand products, are very proud to have been investing into offering print on demand services and joining other print on demand companies.

It is part of the future of digital printing technology and the eCommerce business to start allowing clients to be more autonomous and save time on all the different parts of the process.

Things like understanding the product quality of a t-shirt, printing techniques to customize products, printing methods like “all over print”, how to sell products through an existing website and managing to deal with print providers. That will all go away thanks to the on demand printing business.

Thanks to print on demand all this can be understood in a much easier way. Print on demand will help your own brand gain benefit like never before. Enough said, let’s dig into it and discover everything about the print on demand business.


What the print on demand business is

Let’s start by trying to put it in simple terms. Print on demand is the easiest online method available to personalise all the products you want to sell, display them online and get them printed and sent only after your client has placed an order for one or more items.

Yes, we know. It might seem confusing at first but you can already feel how life-changing print on demand can be for your business, right? Let’s talk first about the print on demand business in general and analyse how big and important it has become.


Print on demand: a form of dropshipping

Print on demand is also referred to as a drop shipping method since it is used to personalise white label products like a t-shirt with your designs. All without you having it in your own warehouse.

Print on demand offers you the possibility to start selling your brand but without the need to have a physical inventory or any physical products. You can simply organise your eCommerce site to expose your already existing business and transform it into a pod platform.

Demand the help of your graphic designer or the most creative person in your enterprise to create products and different customization options. Manage the potential shipping times and shipping costs. Then you will be able to sell directly to your clients and only follow up the results through your social media channels!

You need to explain to your clients the entire process of the print on demand service. Make them understand how beneficial and low risk it can be for them as well.

How our print on demand service works

Now that we have taken a broad overview of print on demand and the print on demand business, let’s begin to explain how it works for us here at Camaloon.

Through this part of the article, we will guide you through how we have personalised the idea of print on demand and made it ours to become a better print provider. Plus, we will explain to you what are the steps to take to join our print on demand.

Do not worry, it is extremely easy and beneficial. You will be able to understand everything beforehand thanks to this article. Let’s now concentrate on showing you our vision about print on demand and the step by step way to join it.

Here at Camaloon, print on demand is our chance to turn your ideas into reality. Something we do not take for granted as it is extremely meaningful for us to know that you will be able to give your clients what they need.

We make it possible for you to have your online store with European local end-to-end providers. To start selling, you only need to register. It is completely free, there are no upfront payments requested, nothing! It is easy and useful.

We take huge pride in what we have managed to create and propose to our clients. So, come and take part in it. With a couple of clicks, everything will be ready to go!


Some crucial points

What does it mean to have us as your print on demand provider? Let’s analyse three simple points to understand what it means to start your print on demand experience with us.

With the print on demand service offered by us here at Camaloon you will have:

  • consistent quality
  • higher profit
  • 100% fulfillment

All of these points will allow you to focus on more urgent matters. Expanding your business, focus on the projects that you could not manage to pay attention to before and continue to do what you love, more and better.


We will take care of everything. From printing your items, packing and shipping them. All of this with no up-front costs and no additional fees. There will be no intermediaries and this will also allow better profit margins.

We have more than a decade of experience in this product and printing industry. It is our pride that we always manage to provide high-quality standards for all of our services. We want to keep up the good work. This is why we started offering the print on demand services. You can join us on this venture and be sure that we will never disappoint you.

Our catalogues and printing techniques

We offer an extensive catalogue of premium products. Our list is always changing as they are evolving more and more. You will find all sorts of products, available to order in small and large quantities as we are used to bulk orders.

You can explore our catalogue on our website. You will find divided into 8 main sections:

  1. clothing
  2. bags
  3. drinkware
  4. stationery
  5. posters
  6. wall art
  7. clocks
  8. keyrings

We provide a wide set of printing techniques as well. You can also take a look at them to understand the specifics of each one of them. Here you can find them listed:


POD step-by-step

Here we are going to break it down into a step-by-step guide on how our print on demand system works. Basically, once you have subscribed to our pod services you will be able to pick your print on demand products.

After selecting the products, you will be able to utilise our digital design tools to personalise them. Then you will be able to connect your personalised products to your online shop through one of our integrations options.

You would be able to choose between:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Prestashop


If you want you also can create more than one online shop and have different pod platforms with a different print on demand products. Also, in case your graphic designer or your team members need help with anything during the personalisation process they will always be able to get in touch with our support team.

After these steps, we will take care of the rest and make sure the final product is going to be 100% perfect.

Print on demand benefits

The print on demand business offers an opportunity never seen before. Imagine, no more inventory management, fulfillment process, print providers, retail price, profit margins, premium subscription, large prints jobs or other services that can consume your time.

Thanks to print on demand you get to do everything from your demand platform or from your different eCommerce platforms. Yes, because now that you do not need to worry about all the shipping costs and organising t shirts and tote bags, for example, you can invest your time in creating more demand sites.


With a different business model, based on a self publishing industry, the final product will reach your target market with a higher number of chances. Just think of the time and expertise you will be able to invest in other things now that you can save your efforts from all the things you used to do before.

Yes, because now you can simply dedicate yourself to extensive quality control of the product line and make sure that the shipping times run smoothly. Overall, you will get the chance to do more and to do better. All of this is thanks to a print on demand online store and a little twist in your business model!

How do POD businesses manage their inventory?

Print in demand reduces the risk up to near zero. However, business owners which use print on demand for fulfilment should still be mindful when ordering printing runs for high volume products to increase the per-item profitability. Some companies that do print on demand work with just in time inventory models.


Some observations about Print on Demand

Print on demand helps reduce warehousing space needs for eCommerce companies and inventory storing costs and decreases surplus to landfills. Print on demand publishers sometimes charges shipping fees if they’re unable to accelerate shipping. Something to take note of is that this method of production can be more expensive and so your bottom line is not as good but your risk is far lower. The printing cost is higher than printing big volumes as production products generally are sold by the unit. It’s only when someone returns the product for no reason. The ability to customize a product is dependent upon the seller’s and product’s needs.


To conclude

Here above we have analysed the vast universe of the print on demand business and explained how it works. From what it is and how it runs to why it functions so greatly. Moreover, we have discussed how print on demand is revolutionising the eCommerce sector thanks to its dropshipping-like characteristics.

We then moved on to explaining how our Camaloon’s print on demand service has been personalised and how it functions. Plus, we have illustrated what it means to have us as your print on demand provider by giving you a quick idea of our large catalogue of products and the printing techniques available to personalise them.

After that, we guide you across the most important steps to understand how our print on demand actually works. From picking your products, designing them with our digital design tools to connecting everything to your online shop either by using Shopify or WooCommerce. As we said, we will take care of all the rest. Producing your personalised products, packing and shipping the orders directly to the end consumers.

We hope that you will join us and create your own print on demand experience. It will be extremely convenient as you won’t have to pay anything or have your own warehouse to be able to start. You will be easily able to join many other pod companies that are already using everything our services offer and making higher profits.

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