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Where to get magnets made for your business and which to pick

Choosing what kind of promotional product you want to have for your advertising campaigns is not always easy, and when there are multiple variations of that product it can be even trickier. Luckily, at Camaloon we understand this struggle and want to make it as straightforward as possible for you to make your decision and be pleased with what you receive. Our custom magnets are a popular choice, but which ones are right for you? Photo magnets? Logo magnets? Souvenir magnets? Let’s go through the options.

Promotional flexible magnets

Our promotional flexible fridge magnets come in a thickness of either 0.4 or 0.75 mm and are made from PVC (the abbreviation of a widely produced plastic polymer, polyvinyl chloride) with your choice of matte or glossy finish. Thanks to their price, these fridge magnets are a great choice for large advertising campaigns where the goal is to increase brand visibility. While fridge magnets can be used as a whimsical ornament or simply serve as decoration, they are often also used to hold the shopping lists of your clients or even the art made by their children. Whatever the function, the key thing is that once printed with your logo with full-color UV printing, your brand will always be on show.

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Premium flexible magnets

Camaloon’s premium flexible magnets are available in two variations, meaning you can get exactly what you need for your plans. The first is our standard variation which is manufactured using PVC with a glossy finish and has a thickness of 1 mm. This selection would be particularly fitting for logos and advertising texts. Due to the quality of these fridge magnets, this is the right choice when trying to associate your brand with quality and strength. UV full-color printing is utilized for this option, which sprays color onto the surface of the item, meaning that tiny dots are visible if the magnet is inspected closely. For this reason, we have the second variation which is more suited for printing photos.

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The second photographic quality variation has the same 1 mm thickness and glossy finish, however is printed with full-color digital printing and is made using Synaps paper, which is a photographic quality material that allows for beautiful colors to remain vivid when printed. This variation is ideal for social events like weddings, and the correct option for resellers that need a top-quality final product.

Fridge magnet buttons

Last but not least are our personalised fridge magnets, great for promotions and corporate gifts, but also a super souvenir or reminder of a special event. Available in various shapes and sizes, you can turn your exact idea into reality. You can opt for the classic finishes or glossy or matte, or choose one of our special finishes which include metallic, golden, and glow-in-the-dark. The spaces in the design will be shown in the background color of the special finish. We recommend the use of bold and saturated colors to get the most out of your designs.

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