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Textile printing in Paris

Create your designs and have them printed on quality textiles

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Maximum quality

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Easy customization

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We review your designs

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Textile printing in Paris has never been so easy

Textile printing is the process of applying color to a fabric according to designs or patterns. In properly printed fabrics, the color is bonded to the fiber, so that it resists washing and rubbing. Our printing techniques are designed so that your patterns remain permanently printed on your clothes. A textile is a material capable of being woven or knitted. Initially, it therefore designates a material which can be divided into fibers or textile yarns, such as cotton, hemp, linen, wool, then with developments in the technique of synthetic fibers. Our textile range includes several items such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and caps. A T-shirt is an undershirt that owes its name to its “T” shape, without a collar and initially with short sleeves but possibly long sleeves. Our T-shirts include these two styles, for cooler or warmer days. A sweatshirt, or pullover, is a piece of clothing. It's a kind of long sleeve T-shirt. When it includes a hood, it is often referred to as hoodies. Our range of textiles includes these two models. The cap is a headgear made of fabric, leather or synthetic material, provided with a visor, very popular with young people and athletes for its light and practical aspect. Our cap models are also varied and include several shapes among which you are free to choose.

Discover textile printing in Paris with Camaloon

Textile printing in Paris is very easy on our site. You just have to choose your article, its models, its color and its size and then personalize it by creating the pattern you want for textile printing in Paris. With textile printing in Paris you will get unique outfits, created by you and for you! Textile printing in Paris is a reliable and efficient technique for lasting personalization of your outfits. And that's not all ! Textile printing in Paris is not your only option on our site. Indeed, you can easily customize any kind of everyday object with Camaloon. For example, you can create personalized notebooks with a photo, logo, text or slogan! You can even match them with personalized pens so you always have something to take notes. Trust us for textile printing in Paris and you will see that you can trust us for all your creative ideas!

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