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Badges with logo

If your logo fits on a badge, it will go everywhere

Special prices, shapes, finishes and sizes to identify your brand. Create your personalized badges with logo. Start designing now!

More items with badge to put your logo

Objects with quality plate to print your logo and publicize your business

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
Easy customization -  Camaloon

Easy customization

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
We review your designs -  Camaloon

We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
Express delivery -  Camaloon

Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.

How can you create badges with your logo?

Freedom to customize to suit you

Your logo with special finishes on the plates | Camaloon

Your logo with special finishes on the plates

Glossy, matte, gold, metallic, luminescent: many options to stand out with your brand on any garment or accessory where they are placed.

Design badges with your logo from our online tool | Camaloon

Design badges with your logo from our online tool

You can even customize different designs, as many as you ask for, without increasing the price. Create your badges with logo online in just a few clicks.

Clients who've relied on us

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Do not miss the badges with your logo in any promotion or branding action

On any garment, be it a backpack, bag, on the lapel of a jacket, or even on personalized t-shirts, it is easy to create a badge design with your logo and make your brand stand out in short distances.

In addition, creating custom badges with your logo through our online design tool is really easy: you just have to choose the shape and size to start creating using your logo design. The special finishes of your personalized badges with logo and the change of design do not affect the price of your order: take advantage and try to put your logo with different colors and finishes!

You can use your badges with logo together with another promotional and brand awareness element such as personalized stickers as an element of identification of your employees, as a detail with your clients or visitors, or as a gift that unites the people attending the events you organize .

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