Create your personalized backpacks with your own designs with the best value for money. Different models, colors and shapes to be able to personalize them in the best way. Find among the different models of personalized backpacks the one that best suits your needs and characteristics. Our backpacks have a high quality of materials and finishes. In addition, they are designed to be used more than once and are usually distributed by companies, organizations or institutions in all kinds of events or celebrations. And as Camaloon's strong point, some of our models can be customized on both sides.

    How does it work?

    1. Choose your product

    1. Choose your product

    Browse through our variety of backpacks and take your time selecting the most suitable style for your promotional campaign. Take into account important aspects such as the identity of your brand, your purpose for this campaign, the audience to whom it is directed, needs and preferences. All this will help you make the best decision. If you consider each of these elements, we are sure that there will be no mistakes in your choice.

    2. Customize your backpack

    2. Customize your backpack

    The time has come to capture the perfect design for your promotional backpack. Take advantage of our customization tool, where you can upload images and texts, as well as choose the best fonts from the variety we offer. Make the necessary adjustments and take into account the measurements of your design so that it fits perfectly in the printing area of the backpack.

    3. We take care of the rest

    3. We take care of the rest

    Now is the time for you to trust our work and relax while waiting for the final result. Camaloon does a complementary quality control in which we make sure that everything is in perfect condition for printing. Our purpose is that your personalized backpack is everything you wanted since it was just an idea in your head. We take care of the magic, so that you can take care of your many activities.

    Frequent questions

    What is the best backpack for a promotional campaign?

    All the backpacks we offer are good options for promotional campaigns. Whether you choose one or the other will depend on your requirements or those of your company. You will have to think about the objectives of the campaign, who it is aimed at, your budget, your tastes, as well as the values and needs of the company. For example, if the public to whom the campaign is directed likes a healthy lifestyle, the option of sports backpacks could be the right one. We invite you to think about these aspects.

    Can our personalized backpacks be machine washed?

    Some materials and models of backpacks will allow you to wash them in the washing machine, but others will not. Remember that the maintenance of the product is important and if it is necessary to wash it by hand, it is the best. You can add washing recommendations in the backpack, so that your clients or collaborators take it into account. It is always preferable to wash by hand, so the backpacks do not deform, fade less and suffer, in general, much less abuse.

    What material is best for your custom backpack?

    All of our materials are of good quality. The choice of it will depend on your preference as a buyer. Although they are all made of excellent materials, it is true that the appearance varies, some look more executive, others more informal or sporty. Think about the image you want to convey and if it matches your brand identity. This is key when making a decision.

    Which printing technique is best for our backpacks?

    There simply isn't one technique better than the other. All will result in a spectacular print. Your choice will depend on the type of design you want to print. If it is monochrome or with Pantone colors, the best is screen printing. If you are going to use photographs or images with a lot of detail, then the best is the DTG full color technique. In the event that you choose a model with synthetic leather, laser engraving is the perfect option. Choose the one that suits you.

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