Pick from a wide range of customized kids backpacks and create the perfect school bags to suit your designs. Customized kids backpacks are ideal for schools, clubs and sports teams to print their logo and designs, or for resellers create backpacks with creative designs. We have drawstring bags, as well as kids and backpacks with everything with pockets, zips and clips, so we’re sure there is the perfect choice for your children’s ideal backpacks!

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
Easy customization -  Camaloon

Easy customization

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
We review your designs -  Camaloon

We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
Express delivery -  Camaloon

Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.

How does it work?

1. Choose your product

1. Choose your product

Select, among our five models of children's backpacks, the one you like the most or think is convenient for your advertising campaign. Giving backpacks for the children of your collaborators or for your clients is something that we are sure they will love. Every child needs backpacks for different activities. So take your time choosing the perfect one to give away and promote your company.

2. Customize your backpack

2. Customize your backpack

If there is something that makes our imagination fly, it is creating fun designs for children. And in this, our online design and editing tool can help you to personalize your already selected products. Remember that this is what will make your promotional backpack stand out from other products of the same type. Make sure that the measurements are correct and that the images correspond to the printing technique supported by the product.

3. We take care of the rest

3. We take care of the rest

Once you have your custom design and you have already sent it, the time has come for you to relax and just wait for us to finish the process. Your wishes are orders, so we'll make sure everything is perfect. We will pass the design through a complementary quality control that helps us to confirm that the print will come out properly. If there are any suggestions or changes, we will let you know. Just trust that the end result is of the highest quality, just the way you deserve it.

Frequent questions

What is the best backpack model for children?

Each model and style of backpack that we offer for children has its advantages. They all have good aesthetics, are practical and made of good material. The details that differentiate them from each other are what will help you decide. Also aspects such as your budget, the purpose of your purchase and your own needs or that of the company are good elements to take into account. Similarly, you must take into account what you want to convey, as well as the identity of your brand.

Can full color designs be printed on our children's backpacks?

For now, only one of our children's backpacks can be printed in full color, the rest have the option to be screen printed. Monochrome designs are ideal for screen printing and also look excellent quality. As many full color prints, as those of only one can become creative and generate a positive visual impact. Depending on the model you choose, you can decide between one or the other alternative.

Why use our children's backpacks in a promotional campaign?

Backpacks, in general, are very useful products. School-age children, for example, always need this accessory to wear to school or for other activities they have on a daily basis. If your idea is to give your collaborators backpacks for their children, there is no way that you will not be successful with this strategy. And if your target audience for the promotional campaign is children, there is no way that you will fail with a personalized backpack.

Are our children's backpacks durable?

Our children's backpacks are made of polyester, a very common fabric in this type of product. It is quite durable and hardly deteriorates with short or medium term use. As long as it is well maintained, a polyester backpack will last for many years. The most common recommendations are to treat it carefully, do not wash at high temperatures, do not use too aggressive soaps and, preferably, wash them by hand and allow them to dry in the open air.

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