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How to print on cotton bags?

  1. Find the right custom cotton bag for whatever the purpose might be. Online you will find a great variety for any purpose, whether it be for promotions, resale or yourself.
  2. Make sure the website allows customization, some websites allow much more customization that others.
  3. Add your designs to the website and adjust them until they look exactly as you had imagined.
  4. Your design now gets evaluated by the company responsible for the printing and then once approved the custom cotton bags will be put into production.
  5. All you have to do now is wait for your custom cotton bags to be delivered to your preferred address.

At Camaloon, we have developed an online tool that makes customizing items such as custom cotton bags very easy, we have widened out selection of cotton bags so there is always something for everyone and we even evaluated the client's designs for free.

How can custom cotton bags be used promotionally?

Whether your company promotes directly or indirectly, personalized cotton bags can be an incredibly beneficial promotional tool. If you company attends many functions, events or conferences, high-quality printed cotton bags with the logo of your company and your company's name given out to your respective clients and potential clients is an appreciated gesture. Not only is it appreciated, but it is a form of continued publicity, as these custom cotton bags are high-quality they will last your clients a long time and consequently be carried around town over and over again. However, it isn't necessary for your company to attend many events to get the most out of these custom cotton bags. Imagine you send a custom cotton bag along with orders worth over a specific amount as a free gift, here you would be killing two birds with one stone, both increasing sales and publicity.

At Camaloon, not only do we print on custom cotton bags but on a variety of different types of bags, enter our custom bags page to see what we have to offer. We believe that reducing the quantity of non-biodegradable plastic bags should be an objective of any organization or business anywhere in the world, therefore, we have put a lot of effort into developing our selection of bags, a great way to promote this eco-friendly idea is by promoting with custom burlap bags, people will be taking them wherever they go! We have even developed a wide range of custom tote bags so your clients can always have an eco-friendly bag on them with your company's information and logo. Let's help reduce the plastic waste by handing out custom promotional bags.