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Custom Laptop Backpacks

With the backpacks to carry the laptop, you will not only be able to comfortably go to work, but you will also be making your brand known to all those who see you with it. That is why we believe that it is a unique gift to give to clients, partners and suppliers. Gain visibility for your company thanks to our personalized laptop backpacks! And, in addition, you can use them for your personal gifts at parties or events to those you love most. Who doesn't need one of our personalized laptop backpacks?

All our custom laptop backpacks

How are customized laptop backpacks made?

1. Choose your personalized laptop backpacks

1. Choose your personalized laptop backpacks

Browse through our variety of custom laptop backpacks and take your time selecting the most suitable style for your promotional campaign. Take into account important aspects such as the identity of your brand, your purpose for this campaign, the public it is directed to, needs and preferences. All this will help you make the best decision. If you consider each of these elements, we are sure that there will be no mistakes in your choice of custom laptop backpacks.

2. Design your custom company logo backpacks

2. Design your custom company logo backpacks

It's time to capture the perfect design for your custom laptop backpacks. Take advantage of our custom design tool, where you can upload images and texts, in addition to choosing the best fonts from the variety that we offer you. Make any necessary adjustments and take into account the measurements of your design so that it fits perfectly in the printing area of your laptop bags.

3. We take care of creating your personalized laptop backpacks

3. We take care of creating your personalized laptop backpacks

Now is the time for you to trust our work and relax while you wait for the final result. Camaloon does a complementary quality control in which we make sure that everything is in perfect condition for printing. Our purpose is that your custom laptop backpacks be everything you wanted, from the idea in your head to the physical product. We take care of the magic, so you can take care of your multiple activities. Then just wait for your backpacks to arrive!

Customize too

Frequently asked questions about printed laptop backpacks

What are the best custom laptop backpacks for a promotional campaign?

Can custom laptop backpacks be washed in the washing machine?

Which material is best for your custom laptop backpack?

Which printing technique is best for our company logo laptop backpacks?

What are the best custom laptop backpacks for a promotional campaign?

Which material is best for your custom laptop backpack?

Can custom laptop backpacks be washed in the washing machine?

Which printing technique is best for our company logo laptop backpacks?

Ideas for gifting and using personalized laptop backpacks

With our custom laptop backpacks , you’ve got a whole new world of possible surprises to those who are related to your company in some way, such as customers, employees, suppliers or partners. You also have the option to make a very special gift to your loved ones. It is a special and durable product that you can customise however you want and that will be very practical for the recipient. Who does not need a backpack to take the laptop to school, to work or simply to keep it at home stored and safe? And also, don't worry, because we have custom laptop backpacks for men and women , so that no one is left without theirs!

Promote your company with laptop backpacks

We already know that custom gifts are a great way to promote your brand and make it known. Much more if it is a product such as backpack with a laptop compartment that can be carried through the office, university, school and on the way from work to home and vice versa! Can you imagine how many people would see your company logo and information ? There is no doubt that it is a unique and unprecedented advertisement that you should take advantage of.

It's true that getting hold of some custom laptop backpacks may be an investment, but the benefits will be much more bountiful than you think! We assure you that it will be worth it because you will get:

  1. Better relationships with your partners and gain their trust and loyalty.

  2. Build customer loyalty, because we all like to be treated kindly and given personal attention.

  3. Have a better business relationship with your suppliers. It never hurts to win the sympathy of those who can offer us good prices on the products we buy.

  4. Make your business known in an environment and to an audience that you would otherwise not be able to reach.

These are just some of the advantages that we want to mention, but we assure you that you will discover many more. Because promotional gifts like custom laptop backpacks are perfect for achieving multiple goals. How can you use them?

Give custom laptop backpacks to your customers

Sure, laptop backpacks aren't like a keyring that you can get for cheap. It is an exclusive promotional gift that the most loyal customers deserve. Make a selection of these or just buy several custom laptop bags to give away to those who spend a certain amount of money or make recurring orders every month or similar. No one knows better than you what benefits you!

You can even think of those who have children, since there are custom laptop backpacks for children, as it is increasingly common for them to need a computer for school. Can you imagine how grateful parents will be to have a custom laptop bag that offers comfort to their children while protecting the laptop? You will have a customer for life!

Custom laptop backpacks for your employees

Every day that passes, companies are more aware of the great importance of their employees in the development of the business. It is true that a company without customers is nothing, but what would it be without employees?

For this reason, employers are increasingly striving to make their workers feel appreciated and loved and recognize that they have an important place within the business. They understand that motivated employees are much more productive and beneficial to the company.

Have a moment with them and give them custom laptop backpacks with the company logo or name, you can even add the name of the employee so that each employee has their own personal one.

In this way, each employee will be able to transport their laptop safely while promoting your company. Custom laptop bags will also help you to carry your personal things to the office every day. There is no doubt that this will be a special gift that your employees will greatly appreciate working more efficiently and productively every day. In the end, you are the biggest beneficiary of giving custom laptop backpacks.

Laptop backpacks for suppliers and partners

The suppliers and partners of your business are also very important. Thanks to suppliers, for example, you can buy quality products or services at a good price with a considerable profit margin. Partners invest in your business so you can keep it going and risk deals that can grow or expand it. What better way to say thank you for all they do for you than with a special gift like custom laptop backpacks? What's more, they deserve a Welcome Pack in which you include several custom products, including backpacks to carry your laptop, of course. As the saying goes ‘being grateful is a blessing'. And both suppliers and partners, customers and employees will greatly appreciate the gift of custom laptop backpacks.

Custom Laptop Backpacks for College

Do you have a company with products or services for young people ? In this case, you could focus on university students and give them custom laptop backpacks with your company logo. You can add a QR code to visit your website or the icons of your social networks. Even if you want a more detailed custom design, choose a different color for each university where you are going to gift the laptop bags and also personalise them with the university name. It will be a unique and an exclusive gift! Have you thought about the success you can have by showing your brand in such an attractive and interesting environment for your business? It will be an investment that is really worth it!

Custom laptop backpacks for those who telecommute

Today it is increasingly common to find companies that have the services of freelancers who work from home. These are usually freelancers who sell their services to a business. Although they are not conventional employees or workers, they are also part of your business and help you grow it day by day. Why not show your appreciation for them, maybe when you complete a year working together? It will be nice for them to receive one of the backpacks to carry the laptop and be able to work from a cafeteria, hotel or library, to change the scenery and to get out of the home environment a bit.

Give custom laptop backpacks to those you love

Although the promotional gifts were created with companies in mind, we at Camaloon are manufacturers, so you can order from one to as many laptop backpacks as you need. This means that you can choose them as an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's, Father's or Mother's Day gift and much more.

And how to personalise the laptop backpacks that you are going to give to your family and friends? The options are many, since you can include an image of both of you, a phrase that has marked you at some point in your life, a photo of a trip you went on, a cartoon that you are fans of... Your imagination will set the limits! !

Whomever you want to give our printed laptop bags to, it will be a success. If you want one, you have no problems, and if you need several for your company or business, take advantage of our wholesale discounts. That means - the more you order, the less you will pay per unit .

Why choose Camaloon to buy your custom laptop backpacks?

It is true that you will find many online stores where you can get your custom products, but why choose us for your custom laptop bags? For many reasons that we list:

  • Because we have a wide variety of products and laptop bags for men and women.

  • Our custom laptop backpacks are of high quality, durable, with cutting-edge designs and attractive colors. They fit into any style and for any type of work or activity.

  • We are manufacturers , so we never have stock problems, nor do you have a minimum order on many of our items. You can order from one to thousands custom laptop bags.

  • We make wholesale discounts , so that you benefit from the best prices when requesting large quantities. In this way, instead of focusing only on a group, such as clients or partners, you can give custom laptop backpacks to all those who keep your business going day after day.

  • We have free shipping. From 70 euros our shipments are free, so you save even more money!

  • We make express deliveries for those who are in a hurry, because we know that when you decide on something that is beneficial for your company, you want to carry it out as soon as possible. If you choose express delivery when placing your order, delivery is reduced from 8 days to just 3 days. It's that simple!

  • We have a warehouse where we can store part of your large orders so that we can ship them when you ask us to.

  • We can send multiple addresses , so that the recipient receives one of our custom laptop backpacks comfortably at home.

  • With our custom design tool you can easily create your designs even if you don't know anything about it. You just have to upload an image, phrase or photo and choose measurements, font and size, as well as the colors you want to include. And if nothing happens to you, our tool will give you some ideas that you can use.

  • With our Print on Demand service, receive custom products with your design as needed.

  • We save your design for future custom design , whether it's on custom laptop backpacks or any of our custom items.

  • We have more than a decade of experience in this sector and thousands of satisfied customers. What better guarantee could we offer you?

  • Our customer service is exceptional and always willing to help you.

We could go on giving you a thousand and one reasons why you should choose us as your provider of promotional and custom gifts, but we think it is better that you take a look at our custom laptop backpacks section or any of our products and discover for yourself everything what we can offer you. Place your order and enjoy quality custom gifts at the best price.

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This makes us proud
This makes us proud
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