How to make custom shopping bags?

  1. Search the web for the perfect model of shopping bag for your purposes.
  2. Match the colors of the shopping bags with the colors of your logo or design.
  3. Add your design to the online design tool and play with it until it looks just as you wanted.
  4. The design will be evaluated and feedback will be given if necessary.
  5. The shopping bags will be printed with your logo or design and sent to your address.

At Camaloon, this process has been made very quick and simple due to our online design tools and team of experts. Take a look at our website to see how our promotional merchandise such as custom shopping bags can help you.

What's the difference between shopping bags and tote bags?

The difference between shopping bags and tote bags is generally their size and durability. Shopping bags tend to be somewhat bigger that tote bags and made from a slightly tougher material so they can carry the weight of all the items that will be carried from the market. We have a selection of both custom shopping bags and tote bags that can be customized however the client wants with whatever design the client wants. Promoting with custom cotton shopping bags is very easy because they look absolutely fantastic once a good design has been printed on the front and they are such a convenient item, people will be lining up to take them off your hands. This means whenever people are out and about doing some shopping, your logo will be seen by a vast audience.

At Camaloon, we've got a large variety of custom bags that you can customize and use for your promotional activity. We have customized bags which can be printed on in 1-2 color serigraphy and customized bags that can be printed on in full color for the more beautiful designs. We have a wide range of colors for our custom cotton bags so you will surely find a size and color that will match your design or logo perfectly. These tote bags are so convenient that we are sure if you design them well, you will see people all over town carrying them on a daily basis. We can even custom drawstring bags with any design or logo so your clients will be supporting your brand whilst they are going to the gym, to the shops or just about anywhere. Take a look at our promotional merchandise to find the perfect combination of items to get the most out of your promotional activity.

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Easy customization

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