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How does it work?

1. Choose your product

1. Choose your product

Study all the options of cotton tote bags that we offer you and take the time to choose the one that best suits your interests, needs, objectives and preferences. Tote bags are an excellent promotional product, so whatever you select for your campaign, it will be perfect. To choose the ideal one, pay attention to the type of handles, combination of materials, printing techniques and colors available.

2. Customize your bag

2. Customize your bag

Now that you've chosen the perfect cotton tote bag for your campaign, it's time to get creative and explore our customization tool. With it you can make the most original design that you can think of or upload one that is ready to print. Make sure to take into account the measurements, types of images and fonts that you will use, so that everything looks perfect.

3. We take care of the rest

3. We take care of the rest

Let us take care of the rest of the process. We make sure everything is fine for printing your design. We will go through our complementary quality control, in this way we will be sure that everything is working correctly at the time of printing. So relax and wait for your personalized tote bags, and rest assured that they will be everything you imagined.

Frequent questions

Why choose cotton tote bags?

Cotton fabrics are of excellent quality. They can be washed both by hand and in the washing machine, as long as such strong programs are not used. If you want to personalize your cotton tote bags, you can do so with the assurance that the printing techniques used are ideal for this type of textile. Plus, they are sturdy, as we make sure they are.

Another point in favor of cotton is that both in its organic and traditional form, it is more environmentally friendly than plastic. For this reason, cotton tote bags have become popular substitutes for plastic bags. So don't worry, you are making a good choice.

What is the best printing technique for cotton tote bags?

We print our textiles with the best techniques today. Traditional screen printing and updated full color DTG printing are great for printing cotton tote bags. If your designs are simple, with Pantone colors, we recommend choosing screen printing. If, on the other hand, you want to print photos or images with a high level of detail, then the best is full color DTG printing. Both will give you high-quality results and your designs will look great.

Are our cotton tote bags durable?

With proper use and maintenance, your bagas tote will be very durable. Wash them in gentle cycles in the washing machine, do not use bleach or too aggressive soaps, such as industrial ones. Do not exceed the weight that the tote bag can support and avoid introducing products that can stain it or damage the fabric. We assure you that if you apply these recommendations, your clients and / or collaborators will have cotton tote bags for a while.

What is the difference between recycled cotton and organic cotton?

The main difference between the two types of cotton is the origin. Organic cotton is grown like traditional cotton, but the process is much more environmentally friendly, since no pesticides or fertilizers are used. On the other hand, recycled cotton is that obtained from the fabric of cotton in fibers that can be reused to make different textiles. In this sense, recycled cotton can be of the pre-consumer type, which is obtained from scraps left over from the cutting and making process; or post-consumer, which comes from used garments.

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