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How it Works

1. Choose your product

1. Choose your product

Take the time to browse the variety of organic cotton tote bags that we offer you. The best choice will be the one that fits perfectly with the needs and objectives of your company or, simply, with your personal preferences. Our practical organic cotton tote bags are durable, look amazing and do their job, so you just have to worry about choosing the ideal one for your event.

2. Customize your bag

2. Customize your bag

Have fun creating designs with our customization tool. It is time to design with the aim of generating a positive impact on your clients and / or collaborators. Make sure to take into account the measurements, type of images and fonts that you will use. Luckily, our tote bags have a wide printing area, but you must pay attention to the technique that each style allows and, if there are several, choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.

3. We take care of the rest

3. We take care of the rest

The time has come for you to relax and just wait for the process to finish. Your design will go through our complementary quality control. If there is any fitting suggestion, we will let you know so that everything goes the way you want it. We know that you have hundreds of occupations and, therefore, we want you to delegate this important step to us, without worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using organic cotton tote bags?

Organic cotton has several advantages that it is important to take advantage of. Among them we can mention:

-It does not expose the skin to substances that can cause allergies, that is why it is ideal for people with delicate skin.

-Those who are responsible for the cultivation and production of organic cotton, promote decent work and respect the rights of workers.

-By not requiring the use of pesticides or insecticides, it contributes to reducing soil, water and air pollution.

-Organic cotton is an ecological material and biodegrades more easily than ordinary cotton.

Are our organic cotton tote bags resistant?

Yes, they are as resistant as traditional cotton. All our textiles are of good quality, as we like to make sure that this is the case. In the case of organic cotton tote bags, you can make your purchases with peace of mind, we only recommend checking our table of product characteristics so that you can see what capacity it has and based on this information make use of your tote bag. Do not exceed the capacity or weight that is allowed.

What is the difference between organic and traditional cotton?

The most important difference is that organic cotton does not use any type of chemical that causes allergies. Neither is it used, in the process, of fertilizers or insecticides for the plants. In the cultivation of organic cotton rock and humus are used to fertilize; while insects and traps are used for pest control. This is not the case with traditional cotton farming, where industrial-type chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides are used.

Which organic cotton tote bag model is best for a promotional campaign?

All organic cotton tote bags are inexpensive, durable, resistant and practical. The choice of any of them will depend on the objectives of your promotional campaign, the audience to which it is directed, as well as the image and messages you want to convey. All have an affordable price and the ability to print full color or simple designs. Some vary in size and type of handle, so you should take these elements into account as well, when deciding. There is no wrong choice if the bag you choose meets the requirements of the business event where you will give it away.

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