How does it work?

1. Choose your product

1. Choose your product

Browse our styles of polyester tote bags and select the one that best suits your needs. We are sure that you will find, among our options, the ideal one for your business objectives. Whichever you choose is the perfect one, as long as it meets the expectations for your promotional campaign.

2. Customize your bag

2. Customize your bag

Select the quantity of polyester tote bags you want to customize. Then, go to our customization tool, tapping the "customize" button. Upload the images and texts that you want to appear on your product. When you are satisfied with the design, then submit it so that we can evaluate it.

3. We take care of the rest

3. We take care of the rest

Now we take the reins of your personalized product. Your design will go through our complementary quality control, so that the final result is as perfect as you imagined it. Our goal is to faithfully reproduce the design you created for your polyester tote bags. So, relax and wait for the best personalized tote bags that you ever dreamed of giving away in your promotional campaigns.

Frequent questions

Why choose a polyester tote bag?

Polyester is a widely used textile for clothing and different accessories. It has become enormously popular because it is cheaper than other fabrics, such as cotton, although it can be combined with it. It does not deform, it wrinkles little, it does not absorb moisture, it resists well washing in the washing machine and drying, both in the sun and in the dryer, it does not shrink. However, it is recommended not to wash polyester garments in too aggressive washing machine cycles, as it tends to form pilling (pellets) over time.

Are our polyester tote bags durable?

Yes, one of the advantages of polyester is that, despite being a soft touch fabric, it is quite resistant. Therefore, it supports the weight well. Plus, it doesn't fade easily, so it can take years for wear and tear. Either way, it is a good option if you want to save a little and obtain a quality product, since it is combined with traditional or organic cotton.

Are our polyester tote bags ecological?

Some of our polyester tote bags are mixed with organic cotton, which is an excellent option if you want to contribute to the health of our environment. The rest are made from a combination of traditional cotton and polyester, which is still a better option than plastic bags.

What kind of designs can we print on your polyester tote bags?

For the polyester tote bags we use the DTG full color printing technique, so you can send us any type of design, including photographs. This is a type of printing that supports complex designs with a high level of detail, resulting in a high quality stamping. You just have to take care that the colors of the original art are not Pantone, as full color DTG printing works with CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

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