Customize our bags any way you like. Carry off several different styles with bags for all purposes by choosing from our wide selection. We have versatile backpacks, lightweight drawstring bags and double-sided tote bags that are sustainable and stylish. Custom bags are perfect for taking to school, the office, the gym, and pretty much everywhere else! Our bags come in nylon, organic cotton, polyester or other materials depending on what type of bag you need. We can print your logo in one colour with silk screening, create full-colour designs with sublimation and even print on both sides of some our tote bags! Get carried away adding some customization to your bags today!

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Types of bags and their benefits

Great bag styles for every taste

Bags that suit everyone | Camaloon

Bags that suit everyone

We have a wide range of promotional bags that can be personalised for everybody and any purpose. Explore our different models and styles to discover those that fit your promotional needs perfectly!

Personalised Bags with the best results | Camaloon

Personalised Bags with the best results

Our online design tool allows for a super-easy designing experience, enabling you to see the colours exactly how they will appear. We also have different printing techniques available based on the design to achieve the best result for any material.

Tote bags | Camaloon

Tote bags

Tote bags are unfastened bags with parallel handles emerging from their pouch. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to take anywhere. Casually throw one over your arm to carry your items. The stylish yet simplistic design of tote bags allows for the perfect canvas to have your design seen by everybody around you. We have several different tote bag models, from economic cotton tote bags that are ideal or promotional giveaways to jute bags with PU leather handles for an elegant effect. We even have products in organic fairtrade cotton too, for the sustainable, eco-friendly option.

Drawstring bags | Camaloon

Drawstring bags

Custom drawstring bags are lightweight sacks or sports bags that are easy to open and fasten thanks to its drawstrings, they also act as shoulder straps so you can carry it with ease. Sometimes called PE-bags, they’re the perfect way to carry sports clothes and small gym equipment with you to work out, or for kids to take their PE kit to school or sports club. We have drawstring bags made from polyester, cotton and cork, either or woven and in a wide range of colors. We can also print monochrome logos or designs, or custom your bags with full-color images thanks to digital printing.

Backpacks | Camaloon


Which custom backpacks are your bag? Backpacks are worn on the back, with padded shoulder straps to comfortably carry them. They often have pockets or compartments and can be fastened with zips, buttons and buckles. Used for outdoor activities, travelling, carrying notepads or transporting laptops, backpacks are very versatile. We have a wide range to choose from including anti-theft laptop bags and kids backpacks too. Choose from materials such as polyester, nylon and cotton and padded back panels to add comfort and durability. Some of our backpacks are waterproof and windproof, a perfect choice for braving the outdoors!

Gift bags | Camaloon

Gift bags

We have a wide variety of gift bags that make great promotional products and giveaways for your company fairs and marketing campaigns. In a range of different sizes, we have gift bags for any occasion. You may even decide to choose these bags as packaging too! Made from non-woven fabrics or organic cotton, we have wine bags, promotional bags as well as mini and large pouches. All of them offer the perfect place to print your logo and expose your brand

Shopper bags | Camaloon

Shopper bags

Shopper bags and tote bags are cut from the same cloth and are often very similar. Both are unfastened and have parallel handles that make carrying them either in one hand or over your shoulder easy. What sets them apart though is that they are bigger and have sturdy bottom and side panels, making them easier to fill. Reusable shopping bags, also called bags for life, reduce the use and waste of plastic by replacing carrier bags. Like with our custom tote bags, we have organic cotton shopper bags as well as Jutes with PU leather handles.

Cooler bags | Camaloon

Cooler bags

Keep your lunch fresh during your commute with custom cooler bags. Our cooler bags are made of polyester with an insulated lining, great for keeping food and drinks cool. Printing your logo on a cooler bag means exposing your brand to different environments, as they can be used to go on excursions, for a picnic in the park or to keep your drinks chilled on the beach! They’re really useful products and are commonly decorated with quirky designs. Why not get creative and customize cooler bags to sell at your store?

Easy personalisation | Camaloon

Easy personalisation

Choose the bag and color, edit your design with our online tools, add them to you cart, and you are ready!

Quick bag printing | Camaloon

Quick bag printing

Choose Express Delivery and you will receive your customised bag order in record time.

Customise bags in bulk | Camaloon

Customise bags in bulk

Save money by ordering bags in bulk! They always work!

Custom bags adapted to your needs

See which prints are the best for your bags

Silk screen for bags | Camaloon

Silk screen for bags

Your bags can be customized with silk screen printing, a very common way of printing on any material. Your logo or design is transferred to your bag through a mesh stretched in a frame. Your graphic will be printed in the exact shade of your choice. This is the ideal technique to use when bulk ordering your bags for promotions and giveaways.

Digital Printing on bags | Camaloon

Digital Printing on bags

Make your colorful design stand out with digital printing for bags. Your digital image is transferred directly onto your bag, leaving a high-quality finish. For full-color logos, detailed designs and even photos, digital printing is the best technique to make your bags decorative, creative and above all, customized!

Double-sided tote bags | Camaloon

Double-sided tote bags

What’s better than a custom bag to promote your brand? A bag with twice the customization, that’s what! We have a selection of tote bags that allow you to print your logo and marketing material on either side, meaning your promotional message will have twice the impact. They’re great for doubling the decoration for your merchandise too.

Why trust us to print your custom bags?

How we help you to pull your campaign out of the bag

Business process that ensures quality | Camaloon

Business process that ensures quality

We buy all of our bags directly from our source, meaning we can ensure both quality and a great selection that meets a variety of needs. Every product we offer has been tested to know which printing methods work best, so we can always advise you which custom bag is the best to choose.

Technology to ease the merchandise purchasing experience | Camaloon

Technology to ease the merchandise purchasing experience

Effortlessly design your bags and edit your logos to fit with our online platform. Pick from our wide range of bags, upload your logo or design and then preview it before adding it to your basket. What could be easier?

Quality of production | Camaloon

Quality of production

We do all of our bag printing in our own factory, which means we ensure the highest quality printing and production. Besides that, our team of experts will evaluate the design completely for free to make sure your order arrives just as you had imagined.

Grow your business with custom bags

How to carry off custom bags in your company

What are the best selling personalised bags?

Our top selling personalised bags are the ones with the best cost to quality ratio. These are our classic best value promotional bags that are a perfect fit for your promotional campaign. They come in different materials and with different printing methods:

Do you have eco friendly personalised bags?

It is important to us that your brand and environmental values are represented in your promotional bags. That is why we offer a wide range of eco friendly personalised bags for you to choose from:

What are the most cost friendly personalised tote bags you offer?

Our team has made sure to find the best cost to quality promotional bags for you. We can say that here at Camaloon you can find one of the best prices in the market. Our best cost to quality promotional bag choices are:

Can I print on paper bags?

At Camaloon we offer printing on paper bags too. Personalised paper bags increase the impact of your promotional giveaways, by packing the gifts in branded paper bags.

What types of printing methods can I choose from for my personalised tote bag?

We are our own manufacturers, that means that we have gathered the best products and applied the best printing methods, everything to assure you a promotional bag of high quality. The printing methods for personalised bags are: silk screen printing which is ideal to use when bulk ordering for promotional campaigns and giveaways and digital printing which is ideal for detailed designs and even photos for your promotional bag. Most of our tote bags do not require minimum quantity of order and all of them could be ordered without personalised printing, so you can have a simple tote bag fitted to your needs and desires.

Can I get my promotional bag with personalised packaging?

Camaloon offers personalised packaging for every promotional bag that you order. You can choose your personalised packaging from boxes, envelopes and plastic bags, all of which can be full color or one color printed with your logo or image.

Who uses custom bags?

Bags are used by absolutely everybody, almost every day. Which is why companies use bags to get their promotional message across. Printing your logo onto your bags is such a simple but powerful piece of marketing, offering wide exposure in the office, at shopping centres, supermarkets, on public transport and in the streets. Business tote bags are a great, eco-friendly option to print and share your brand values with the world. They’re also stylish and comfortable, making them great for merchandising or resale. Thanks to their lightweight fabric they're easy to carry anywhere and even easier to fly off the shelves! Retail businesses can also take advantage of promoting their designs and their brand by ordering any of our bags, custom with unique designs, to sell at their shops.

Which custom bags are best?

Customized bags come many shapes and sizes which can have a unique purpose. But what connect them is that they are all great products for showcasing your logo or design. Bags exist to be taken out and about, making them are great for brand exposure. But which is best for your particular needs? Drawstring bags are perfect for the gym, sports training or to carry PE kits to school. Custom backpacks are bigger and better at holding items for the office or classroom, such as laptops, notebooks, pencil cases and more. Shopping bags and tote bags are great lightweight alternatives that you can use to take your items wherever you go. We even have cooler bags to keep your lunchbox and its yummy contents fresh on your travels. So decide which of our bags would suit your promotional campaign, or which would be the best seller for your shop, and start customizing now!

Where on the bags can you print?

Your customized prints will be made on the side or back of the bags, for maximum exposure. We use different printing techniques depending on the fabric of the bags, to ensure the best result for any print. For logos or promotional messages in one color, we use screen printing. This is an economical printing option that is suitable for printing a large number of promotional bags. For highly detailed images and full-color designs, we have digital printing available for a wide range of our products, so you can print your company logo on laptop bags or show your sports club’s colors by printing your crest on custom drawstring bags. Struggling to decide between a logo, image, slogan or even a motivational message? Consider double-sided printing! Our double-sided tote bags offer the opportunity to print on both sides, halving the tough decisions whilst doubling up the decoration!

What’s the best way to use customized bags to promote business?

You can use bags and backpacks to promote your business in several ways. Lightweight bags, such as tote bags or shopper bags, are inexpensive for your company but incredibly useful for your partners and clients. You can even use custom bags to carry all of the other promotional material and products you decide to give away as part of your next campaign. Customized pens are common giveaways at company fairs, ever-present and extremely useful in any working environment. Customized bags can make an even more direct impact on your business if you decide to sell or use your custom bags as promotional giveaways. Include customized reusable shopping bags for your customers when they make a purchase and let them attract new business for you!

How to use custom bags in your business

The best ways to bag your company sales and exposure

Resellers | Camaloon


Bag yourself a few new customers by stocking your shops with a variety of custom bags. Decorate backpacks with your creative design, print your trademark onto tote bags to sell as merchandise or even put your club crest onto our sporty drawstring bags. Open up opportunities as a reseller with custom bags!

Promotions and giveways | Camaloon

Promotions and giveways

Printed bags are powerful promotional tools when given away at company events or during marketing campaigns. We have inexpensive bags that can be ordered in bulk and given away, getting your brand the kind of exposure that will make a massive impact.

Corporate use | Camaloon

Corporate use

Continue to promote your brand identity in-house with custom bags. Promotional laptop bags and anti-theft backpacks are ideal gifts for your employees, as they are both really practical and guaranteed to get your logo seen on the commute to and from work.

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