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Custom business cards

Customised business cards are an essential tool for your communication

Do you know their advantages? And did you know that it is thanks to 3rd century China that it is now possible to create promotional paper items?

From the origins of paper to today

Even with the increasingly rapid development of new technologies, paper is far from being dethroned. What do you really know about its history? Here are some key elements:

  • Paper is an art that was born in China in the 3rd century (made with bamboo fibres), and has become, over the centuries, a means of mass communication.

  • 1440, one of the key dates: Gutenberg invented typography, a real revolution in papermaking.

  • The 19th century was marked by the invention of the paper making machine: paper making became industrial

  • At the beginning of the 20th century, England repeatedly broke the record for the world's largest paper machines.

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Business cards as an example of paper in the service of our daily lives

Today we know paper as part of our daily lives, but it has a long history, and has undergone many changes. It is an essential part of everyday life, and now exists in many forms: custom business cards, notebooks, flyers, etc. A perfect argument for creating your personalized stationery items.

We have come far since the first bamboo leaves! Whatever the effect you are after for your business cards or your custom notebooks for example, technology is able to provide you with different papers, for budgets ranging from the most economical to the most luxurious creations. More than just a piece of paper, custom business cards allow you to spread your image easily and quickly, to make a good impression wherever you are. Here are some of the different elements you can choose for the look to make your own business cards:

  • Texture: what type of paper do you want for your custom business cards? Today, it is possible to choose from many textures. Linen, Kraft, recycled paper, pearl effect, glossy paper,... The possibilities are endless!

  • Thickness and format: details to which we may generally give less importance but which you can just as easily customize, to give a more resistant side to your product or play with a different format.

  • Color: you choose the color of the print of your design, and can decide to choose two tone notebooks with colored page edges to benefit from even greater visibility.

Enough to make you want to get started right away! You can also decide if you want a special finish and normal or rounded corners. Combine your desires with paper and advanced technologies to create high-quality business cards that reflect your brand.

Camaloon, your manufacturer of personalized items

Today, new technologies are at the service of the paper industry: the most modern printers, better quality papers, advanced printing techniques... all the best to offer companies what they are looking for in their paper communication media. Business cards, roll-ups, letterheads, calendars, notebooks, flyers, and much more. Essential elements to make a name for yourself and to benefit from high visibility. These technologies are also used for a large number of customizable items!

At Camaloon, we offer you many promotional items made in our factories in Europe. We offer you a personalized follow-up and a particular attention to detail, so that your items arrive as you imagined them. Choose high-quality paper products, such as calendars or notebooks to spread your brand and build customer loyalty, or textile products, such as customized t-shirts (one of the best promotional products you could think of, which will offer you unique visibility and will be useful for your customers all year round!) or custom bags which you will find in a wide variety of fabrics and colors, for whoever you are targeting with your communications. Whatever the items are that you decide to buy, we are at your disposal and we will assist you in their creations.

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