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Custom Pin Buttons just as you want them

Discover all the possibilities to easily customize your buttons.

Get creative with our Custom Pin Buttons | Camaloon

Get creative with our Custom Pin Buttons

Decide on a shape that frames your print perfectly and give them a personal touch with a creative finish: glossy, matte, gold, metallic or luminescent.

Easy costumization of Pin Buttons | Camaloon

Easy costumization of Pin Buttons

With our online tool you can upload photos, logos, and designs. Try our themed icons to decorate your buttons. Add text with the most popular font styles. Create your buttons the way you like!

Custom Pin Buttons for any occasion

Customize buttons for all occasions. Surprise everyone with unique details.

What are Custom Pin Buttons?

A pin button, pin-back button or badge, is a button that can be temporarily fastened to a garment using a pin. The fastening mechanism is anchored on the back of a button-shaped metal disk, which makes the area on the front of the button perfect for customizing with your company logo or promotional messages. Custom pin buttons have been used in the United States since the first presidential inauguration in 1789, when the supporters of George Washington wore buttons imprinted with a slogan.

What are the benefits of Custom Pin Buttons?

Thanks to their small size and lightweight material, they make the perfect promotional products that can be ordered in large quantities and brought to any event, fair or conference where you have the opportunity to gain publicity. Back in 1945, a famous cereal company inserted prizes in the form of pin buttons into each of their cereal box as a way to promote their brand. This marketing strategy worked wonders to increase sales and gain new customers. The purpose of custom pin buttons is simple, to show off its customized print. You can also create matching custom stickers to hand out together with the pin buttons.

Who uses Custom Pin Buttons?

People of all ages uses custom pin buttons, however they are particularly popular with teenagers and young adults. Pin buttons can represent belonging to a community or that you agree or disagree with a certain thing. It is very common to customize pin buttons ahead of new product launches or for events and hand them out to customers or potential new clients. You often see custom cotton bags decorated with custom pin buttons.

How to choose the right Custom Pin Buttons for your campaign?

At Camaloon we offer a large variety of shapes and finishes in which you can customize your pin buttons. Choose between round, square, triangle, oval, rectangular, V-shaped, pentagonal or hexagonal shapes to print with your company logo, designs or promotional messages. Pick a shape that frames your custom print in the best way. If you are looking for something a little different, we also offer custom key chains.

Where on the Custom Pin Buttons can you print your logo or message?

Pin buttons are made specifically for bearing a custom prints, which makes them one of the leading promotional merchandise products in the industry. The custom print will be made on the flat surface of the pin in vibrant full-color. The pin buttons can be finished in many different creative styles, including matte, glossy, metallic, golden or luminescent, so you can get the pin buttons exactly as you want them.

How can you conduct a successful marketing campaign with Custom Pin Buttons?

At Camaloon, we have a large team of experts in producing and designing promotional products, and one of our greatest specialties is custom pin buttons. Our custom pin buttons are made just across the road from our main offices so we can work together closely to get the best results. These custom pin buttons come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes so they can display exactly what you had in mind. You can create your custom pin buttons however you want and we will review the design and end result for absolutely nothing because we want you to be happy with your products. If you order your custom badges in bulk, you will always have them nearby whenever you get the opportunity to promote, whether you put them in parcels or give them away at events, you will be ready.

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