Photo calendar 2019 | Camaloon

Photo calendar 2019

The photo calendar is your great story together

A custom gift to share with your loved ones, to inspire them

What inspires you? | Camaloon

What inspires you?

Animals, Nature, textures... A reason to make your pictures amaze and stand out even more every month.

Your favorite pictures | Camaloon

Your favorite pictures

Your friends, your family, a beautiful landscape... maybe even your pet! You choose the stars of your story.

A year full of excitement | Camaloon

A year full of excitement

Every month will be exciting if you pair it with a picture and some text – relive moments and make new memories.

Photo calendars: for all the reminders you need

An ideal space to write and organize your notes, events, reminders, etc.

Customize different calendars | Camaloon

Customize different calendars

Why make a calendar just for you? There are many stories to tell (and to gift)!

Bulk orders: please ask us for a custom quote

For large quantities, a friendly professional expert will be happy to assist you. Just leave us your contact details and we'll get in touch in a breeze.

Alternatively, you can call one of our commercial agents now.(+44) 20 3936 2557

How to make your photo calendar

Camaloon's online editor is very easy to use. Let us explain

1. Choose a template | Camaloon

1. Choose a template

You can choose from various backgrounds so the pages fit your style.

2. Upload your pictures | Camaloon

2. Upload your pictures

You will need 14 pictures: 12 (one per month), one for the cover, and one for the inside.

3. Add text to your pictures | Camaloon

3. Add text to your pictures

Write text for each picture and give your story a title!

Who will receive your custom photo calendar?

Sometimes, this choice is harder than choosing just one of your favorite pictures for each month. But we make things easy for you here at Camaloon! Let your imagination run wild! You can upload pictures and use the online design tool to combine them: create different versions of your picture calendar and gift them to whomever you want.

We dare you to make more than one photo calendar: customize it, and you will be on the right track

For those groups of friends who travel together and laugh remembering past trips – a photo calendar will strengthen their bonds while they plan their next journey. Those grandfathers and uncles who want more pictures of their grandchildren and nephews will have another reason to be proud of their family. Also, why not show some love for your little one? Devote an entire picture calendar to your pet. Document twelve months of cuteness and mischief! Give your unique touch to the company’s classic custom desk calendar – yes, if you want one for your business, we also offer different types of custom calendars for promos.

Since you already have chosen many pictures, what do you think of designing more custom products? Check our website and have fun creating.

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