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    How does it work

    1. Choose the product

    1. Choose the product

    Scroll through our custom baseball caps section to find the one that best suits your company's promotional needs. With our range of baseball caps, we can almost guarantee that we have what you are looking for. So, take a good look at our range of products and select the cap that would look best for your company brand, logo or slogan.

    2. Add customization

    2. Add customization

    After you've chosen the perfect baseball cap, it's important to select the correct measurements, images, and fonts. Select the number of products you need, then unleash your creativity! Our concise customization tool allows you to add images and text in a variety of different fonts.

    3. We will do the rest

    3. We will do the rest

    Once you are happy with the result of the product and its customization, sit back and relax, we will take care of it from there. Your product will go through Camaloon's supplemental quality control to ensure it looks exactly as you envisioned. Then, as you plan how you are going to use these products, you can relax knowing that an exciting new chapter for your business is on the way.

    Frequent questions

    What is the use of baseball caps?

    Baseball caps have their origin as an important part of the baseball uniform, since it allows them to protect themselves from the sun and to be able to see clearly during the game. In addition, they are an important distinctive that identifies each player with his team. This type of caps are very effective against the sun and heat, because in addition to protecting your eyes, they are light and comfortable to wear. For this reason, their use has transcended baseball stadiums and they are now carried by people in their day-to-day lives.

    How to make custom baseball caps?

    The baseball caps are personalized on the front in a printing area of approximately 8 x 5 centimeters so that you can capture your logo and be visible by everyone from wherever they are. The technique used for customization is CMYK printing that allows the transfer of full color design with excellent precision and quality, because if you are going to have a durable baseball cap, you must accompany it with an equally durable print.

    Why wear custom baseball caps?

    Just as caps have been an important way in which baseball teams distinguished themselves from one another from the beginning, custom baseball caps can have the same effect on your business. They are an article that will help you stand out and be more visible and memorable among people.

    What material are baseball caps made of?

    In our section of personalized baseball caps you will find a wide range of models that are made of polyester and cotton. Cotton caps are soft, comfortable, durable and light, which is the reason why it is the most used material for the manufacture of baseball caps. For its part, polyester is a fairly strong and durable material, so you can wash your polyester caps with confidence without fear of losing their color or shape. Another advantage of polyester baseball caps is that this material is breathable and resistant to bacteria.

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    Maximum quality

    Articles of maximum quality.
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    Easy customization

    Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
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    We review your designs

    We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
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    Express delivery

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