is not taking orders and the company behind it stopped all operations in September 2022. The company is going through a bankruptcy procedure.

Custom clothes and personalized accessories

How can you increase your brand presence by printing on clothes?

Simply create your own collection. From corporate sweatshirts to hats to sports bags, our shop has a great range of items for you to print with your logo. Use our textile products to offer your brand a long-lasting and effective advertising space.

For example, you can print T-shirts to support your marketing campaigns. Design them online with an appealing advertising slogan or logo and distribute the T-shirts to your target group. Not only will the wearer himself remember your logo, but also everyone around them will have you in their minds.

As you can see, by printing on clothes you can already carry out efficient branding with a small budget. It is also always worthwhile to print on bags. The hip tote bags are particularly popular with target groups of all ages. The younger ones use them as fashionable accessories and the older ones as practical shopping bags. Either way, your logo or design will be taken everywhere.

Have clothes and more printed online

Have you ever thought about putting together a whole pack of promotional items? Depending on the occasion and target group, it can definitely be worthwhile to print products with a common design, for example as part of a campaign. If, for example, you have ballpoint pens printed, you can also create your own notebooks and matching fabric bags. So you can distribute them at events or have them ready as a welcome surprise for new customers. So you are guaranteed to make a good impression and your brand will not be forgotten so quickly.

The possibilities are limitless, with us you can not only print clothes, but also many other products such as drinking bottles, cups, stationery and, the list goes on, check out our different options on the website. All of these items have great potential to highly strengthen your brand presence at low prices.

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