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Highlighters belong to the family of felt-tip pens. Mostly you have a plastic cover and a lead made of felt material, which transfers the writing fluid onto the paper. These colors should be particularly noticeable without being opaque, which gives them the special characteristic of emphasizing and highlighting important text passages. However, since they were found to be extremely practical for schoolchildren, students as well as everyday office life, they have become an extremely popular stationery item in record time. No wonder that we also like to print highlighters and use them as promotional gifts. Printing writing implements is still one of the most frequently used advertising measures, despite the steadily growing digital trend.

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Where are the highlighters used?

Popular advertising material printed with a logo

Gift for co-workers

Gift for co-workers

Multiple custom highlighter pens can be a big plus for those who are meticulous in their work. So you can mark the important sentences with different colors and highlight them from other passages. Another way you can make employees' jobs easier is with a highlighter that has more than one color available.

measure up

measure up

There are many trade fairs at which companies like to present themselves. If you are one of these companies too, the highlighter is a must have at such a trade show. It is a very practical thing that many people use. Together with your logo and name, it will make your company better known among the people.

Perfect marketing tool

Perfect marketing tool

Whether as a marketing tool for your employees or loyal customers, you can't go wrong with highlighters. In combination with ballpoint pens, notepads and other stationery, your brand and your company will be presented very effectively.

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Why are Camaloon highlighters so unique?

3 crucial factors

Different styles

Different styles

While the standard stick model is still the basis of what we consider classic highlighter pens, new trends of exciting and original designs have also emerged. In the meantime there is not only the classic pen, but also highlighters in triangular, square or even flower or star shape.

Different types

Different types

Who would have thought that highlighters could be so versatile? There are, for example, waterproof markers, erasable markers or permanent markers as well as markers for whiteboards that can be easily wiped off.

Multiple colors

Multiple colors

Custom highlighters usually come in bright and vibrant colors that, just like the color of the ink, stand out. While yellow is the most common variety, you can also find orange, pink, blue, and green.

Who are the Texmarkers suitable for?

Highlighter perfect as an advertising medium

For schoolchildren and students

For schoolchildren and students

Texts are marked while learning at school or university. For this reason, the highlighters are particularly suitable for schools, universities of applied sciences and universities. You can print the name of the school or university on these highlighters and give them to future students on the day of admission. You can also give it as a gift on the day the door is opened. This way the name of your school will be remembered by the potential students and you will also leave a good and positive impression on them. In general, it can be said that the highlighters with the name of a school promote the bond with the school and also serve as a wonderful aid in learning.



Highlighters are a simple product that is offered in a wide variety. Because of this, bookmarks are perfect as a resell product that will be used by a wide range of people. As a reseller, you can order larger quantities and different types and shapes of highlighters from Camaloon. so that customers can always find what they are looking for in your store. So highlighter pens are perfect for reselling. If you need other stationery for the highlighters, take a look at our wide range.

Highlighter as an advertising medium

Highlighter as an advertising medium

Precisely because highlighters are such a popular item, they are also being used more and more frequently in the field of promotional items. Just as often as ballpoint pens, the highlighters are also personalized. How so? Because they are used by all ages. If you want to print highlighters for younger target groups or schools, then you should choose more playful shapes. For companies, it is advisable to stick to the classic formats. Depending on the sector, original shapes can create a surprise effect here too. So think about the needs of your target group to make sure that the highlighters are used frequently and thus show your brand.

With which printing technology can the highlighters and stationery be printed?

Overview of our printing techniques

screen printing

screen printing

Screen printing in English is a technique for making custom pens with logos in one color. Ideal for giveaways at advertising fairs and events. An affordable printing option for large campaigns.

Pad printing

Pad printing

A technique known as tampography or pad printing is used for printing your designs on the custom highlighter because the silicone tampon used has great versatility to print on differently shaped objects with equal success.

Digital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing is the perfect full-color printing technique for creatively personalized pens that have a multi-colored logo or design. It is very suitable if you want to personalize bic pens.

Camaloon - Credible Supplier

3 reasons why

Worldwide supplier
Worldwide supplier

Camaloon started as a start-up and in 10 years has grown into an international company that fulfills the needs of its customers all over the world.

Many years of professional experience
Many years of professional experience

For more than 10 years, Camaloon has gained valuable experience in the field of merchandising and has continuously developed its product portfolio to meet the needs of small and large companies.

Cooperation with international companies
Cooperation with international companies

Our experience is confirmed by the successful cooperation with global companies, which always resulted in great customer satisfaction.

Everything you should know about Camaloon highlighters

All important information

What types of highlighters do we offer?

Dry highlighter pens use a narrow, thin strip of highlighter tape instead of a felt tip, which can be more useful for reversing the marking. Gel highlighters have found a nice solution to the problem of the felt tip drying out. They use a gel stick in the core instead of a felt tip. Liquid highlighter pens are believed to be more effective at lifting words off the page because they put more ink on the page than a regular highlighter pen.

In which color can you order the highlighter?

While yellow is the most common variety, you can also find orange, pink, blue, and green. In our offer we have highlighters that contain all 5 colors that we offer or the highlighters in one color. The choice is yours!

What forms do we have?

At Camaloon we have several forms of highlighters that customers can choose from. From the classic to the original and fun. Because we always want to offer our customers something special, our range also includes highlighters as sets with candy jars. Take a look at our offer on our website and choose the right one!

What can I combine the highlighters with?

If you'd like to combine your custom highlighters with other writing implements, we recommend taking a look at our custom pens and pencils which can be customized using our online tool.

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