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Home decoration

Personalize the decoration of your home with Camaloon. Create decorative objects yourself, choose your colors, your shapes, the size of your objects ... everything! Reflect your personality and creativity in your home to make you feel right at home and your guests to admire your talent and originality.

Personalized home decoration

Transform decorative objects for home by personalizing them to your image and make your interior unique!

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
Easy customization -  Camaloon

Easy customization

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
We review your designs -  Camaloon

We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
Express delivery -  Camaloon

Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.

Create your own home decor

Camaloon helps you customize everyday items.

Quality home decor

Quality home decor

Camaloon brings together all the most trendy decorative items so that you can personalize any type of object for your home. You have access to our personalization software to create your own product, and we have our own factories to produce your personalized item and guarantee you the best quality.

Unforgettable events

Unforgettable events

Christmas decoration, Halloween decoration, birthday decoration, wedding decoration ... personalized! Thanks to Camaloon, you can make your own decorative items to make your events even more special and special. It becomes so easy to create an inexpensive personalized decoration to make every moment of your life even more precious.

Personalized decorative gifts

Personalized decorative gifts

Personalized home decor is a great gift idea! Touch your loved ones by offering them a unique and high quality piece that you will have made and personalized yourself. The pleasures of life are made up of many small details, the personalization of decorative objects is also part of it!

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Make your home decor at Camaloon

Camaloon expert in goodies and personalized objects

Cheap personalized decorative objects

Cheap personalized decorative objects

Because we know how important it is to feel good at home, we strive to provide our customers with personalized home and garden decorations at the best price. Find our catalog and start personalizing your products.

A wide variety of choices

A wide variety of choices

Discover all our customizable products for your home! Posters, signs, clocks, letters ... at Camaloon, customize your decoration with your own colors, your text and your images.

Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed quality

For more than 10 years we have been manufacturing or choosing our products so that they give you the best result with your personalization. From the choice of materials to the type of printing, we optimize production for high quality products.

How to use our personalized decoration?

For your home

For your home

Your house is the reflection of your soul, your museum! Decorate it with unique personalized objects to live in a soothing atmosphere, which suits you. Camaloon allows you to very easily personalize home decorative objects: clocks, posters, wooden signs ... something to dress up your interior and your garden! To do this, all you need to do is select the personalized item you prefer, enter the required quantity, and you can start designing!

For your offices

For your offices

Are you a company, an association or a sports club and you want to personalize the decoration of your premises or your offices? Camaloon is then your best partner. At Camaloon, you can customize a multitude of objects that will help you decorate your premises in your image. Print your logo and slogan on a sign. Display a souvenir photo of your employees on a poster. Write your business name with customizable wooden letters. Create personalized goodies and office accessories for your employees!

To make a unique gift

To make a unique gift

To make an unforgettable gift to one of your relatives, whether it is your parents, one of your friends or your spouse, you can imagine a great decorative object to make his interior unique. Personalized and authentic, this gift will be made with love and originality, making it sentimental. Each time the recipient of this gift walks past your personalized decoration, they will remember that you invested in making them happy and how much you love them.

Our printing techniques



Screen printing transfers the image through layered meshes divided into colors, allowing color to be incorporated in the most durable way. Your screen printed designs can contain up to 4 colors.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a fashionable printing technique that allows sophisticated, high-resolution images to be captured on wood or metal surfaces, slightly altering their structure. It is an elegant way to personalize your decorative objects with a unicolour design without restriction of quantity.

Digital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing is a technology that allows design transfer to almost any surface with very high precision and without color limitation as it uses the CMYK color coded palette.

Personalizing with Camaloon means:

Work with personalization experts
Work with personalization experts

For more than 10 years Camaloon has been producing, printing and delivering all kinds of customizable objects and goodies, to companies, resellers or private customers, in France and everywhere else in the world!

Collaborate with a white label
Collaborate with a white label

When you personalize your decoration at Camaloon, neither our name nor our logo appear! Your personalized products are entirely in your image, as you have designed them yourself.

Get the best value for money
Get the best value for money

Our teams work hard to find the products and materials that will give you optimal value for money. We want to offer the best service to our customers.

Some steps to follow for a personalized home decoration at the top!

Step 1

Choose the theme and the spirit you want to give to your home: rustic, oriental, modern, minimalist, Mediterranean, artistic… make sure that it is a theme that fills your personality and that will inspire you on a daily basis.

2nd step

Define the colors you want to see in your bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom… The rule of 3 colors per room remains ideal.

The colors are both permeated in your walls and decorative elements!

Step 3

Choose what type of personalization you want to see on your decorative items, according to your previous choices! You have complete freedom as to personalization. If you opt for a text, choose a saying that you like, names, a welcome phrase… If you want to personalize your objects with an image, take a superb souvenir photo of a group or family, a photo of an unforgettable landscape…

Step 4

Take action: personalize! Choose a decoration of your choice from our catalog, select the required quantity and enter our personalization software. Here, you can directly design your product to your liking and have it reviewed and validated by our experts. You just have to place your order afterwards.

Catalogue for businesses

Products and solutions tailored to your needs.


frequently asked Questions

Can I change the delivery address for my order?

Yes, you can change the address as long as the product has not left our factory. We do not change the delivery address once the product has already been shipped.

Is it possible to request a sample of a product?

At Camaloon, we offer our customers the option to request a sample of a specific product as long as the product does not have a minimum purchase quantity, so that before placing large orders, they can get an idea of its appearance and make changes if necessary. Speak to one of our agents to check the conditions! If you are a business and want to request a sample of a product, contact us and our team will help you in the best possible way.

Can I upload more than one image per item?

Yes, you can upload as many designs as you want per item. For some of our models, you can add multiple designs at no additional cost.

Can I pay for my order after receiving it?

Payment is not possible after receipt of your order. Our items are personalized, so it is not possible to start production without receiving payment for your order.

Can't find what you need?

Our team of advisors is on hand to help you create the perfect promo items and corporate gifts, to take your business to the next level.

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