Wall clock - stylish decoration. Wall clocks are an integral part of home furnishings these days. Whether in the kitchen, living room or in the office. The analog wall clock is a classic. In addition, these wall clocks are made of wood, which gives them a lucrative look. You can print this wall clock with a laser engraving and personalize it with your own text, slogan or motif. Take a look at our wall clock in 5 designs and choose the right one for you!

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Easy customization

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Custom wall clock from Camaloon

Variation in design | Camaloon

Variation in design

We offer our wall clocks in 5 different designs. They are made in different shapes, so you can choose the right model for you. The wall clocks have the shape of different stars or flowers, complemented by geometric elements on the edges.

Wood material | Camaloon

Wood material

All of our wall clocks are made of wood. Wood is a commonly used material for watches because it looks neutral yet elegant.

Affordable | Camaloon


Wall clocks are great value for money that allows customers to buy in larger quantities because the more you order - the lower the price. But you can also place individual orders and buy our beautiful wooden wall clocks at a low price.

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Superbes produits ! Je suis trop contente, je recommande à 1000%
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super contend des magnets , mais les mugs , moyen. photo pas assez grande
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Rien à dire. Excellent boulot ! Au top !
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Le site est facile à utiliser, la livraison est assez rapide et les produits sont très bien.
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Rapide efficace et très bon suivi à la commande
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perfect product, excellent work
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Respect des délais, produit conforme

Printing technology

Design your own wall clocks

Laser engraving | Camaloon

Laser engraving

An elegant way to make a lasting impression with an engraved logo or name. With laser engraving, your wall clock is treated with a laser beam. With this technique, the motif is engraved directly into the object. Thanks to the elegant print, this wall clock is particularly suitable as a gift.

Sublimation printing | Camaloon

Sublimation printing

At Camaloon we also use other types of printing for different products. One of them is sublimation printing. In this process, dyes are vaporized onto the polyester coating of drinking glasses and bottles by heat transfer. Vivid, high-contrast colors are produced. This printing process makes it possible to create an individual logo mug, photo mug or mug with a full-color print motif.

Transfer printing | Camaloon

Transfer printing

We use it for printing on textiles with uneven surfaces, such as: B. Caps. Your design is transferred to the garment through heat and pressure and remains permanently attached. Full color digital printing is a very high quality printing process that uses a computer to transfer your design or logo onto the printing machine. Digital printing is based on four colors, called CMYK. You can print in all colors.

Original wall clock for every room

Wall clock to hang up

For the office | Camaloon

For the office

Make ordinary clocks a highlight in every room. The wooden wall clock from Camaloon provides more cosiness in the office, thanks to the wood from which this clock is carved. You can choose your model to match your office furnishings. A beautiful wooden wall clock is a nice office gift for a manager or director. Their design is suitable for a modern office, but it certainly looks good in a classically furnished office too. You can also design this wall clock yourself with an original text.

For the living room | Camaloon

For the living room

Do you have a blank wall at home that could use some embellishment? You can adapt the wall clock to your needs and fill both small and large areas with it. This original wall clock beautifies every home. Buy this beautiful watch with an original design that you choose yourself. The wall clock will certainly brighten up your interior and become an indispensable and practical addition to your home. In the living room, the design of the wall clock plays a decisive role, because the clock should look stylish and harmonious in the room. Order your personalized wooden wall clocks from Camaloon!

For the kitchen | Camaloon

For the kitchen

Decorate your kitchen with a wall clock from our range. Functional and beautifully designed wall clocks also fit in your kitchen and ensure that you feel much more comfortable in the kitchen. At the beginning you should consider which model will fit in your kitchen in terms of size. It is very important that the clock fits the size of the room. Wall clocks not only have a clear aesthetic value, but also have a practical function in the house, especially in the kitchen. A wall clock is an original accessory that will brighten any kitchen wall you choose for it.

Get your Custom Clock:

For mum | Camaloon

For mum

Wall clocks are the perfect gift for a mother who wants to embellish her kitchen or home with something special. Perhaps she is currently looking for accessories for her hut or office. Either way, with our wooden wall clock, which you can print with a special text and dedication, you can make her a practical and beautiful gift at the same time.

For friends | Camaloon

For friends

Have your friends just bought a new apartment or house and are furnishing it? How about giving them a wall clock for their new home. With text printed especially for them, you can give them something that will remind them of you and maybe give them exactly what they need and save them the time of searching.

For grandparents | Camaloon

For grandparents

Grandparents do not belong to the technological generation in which all information can be accessed on a smartphone or computer. You like to read newspapers, books, solve crossword puzzles. Grandma likes to bake and grandpa takes care of the garden. Time flies quickly during these activities. That's why you can give them an analog wall clock with a description for them. You're sure to be delighted with a tried and tested classic and Grandma will always get the cake out of the oven on time.

3 reasons why you should order from Camaloon

Our own factory: | Camaloon

Our own factory:

As a manufacturer, we have the opportunity to accompany the entire production process of each product because we have our own factory.

International company | Camaloon

International company

Camaloon wants to satisfy the needs of all customers. For this reason we have developed into an international company and we deliver our products in more than 10 countries.

Experience in printing | Camaloon

Experience in printing

We have been working in the printing industry on optimizing and expanding our business processes for 10 years.

Order a wall clock with geometric decorations?

Why not?

Why Geometric Wall Clocks and Decorations?

Decorations and wall clocks in the form of geometric shapes are a symbol of simplicity, but also of order, order and harmony, consistency and orderliness. For everyone who likes established systems that give the lightness of abstract and geometric shapes (circles, stars, squares, bubbles, hearts, abstract) both calm and carefree.

Beauty lies in simplicity, and thanks to geometric shapes you can perfectly coordinate your interior and also give space to other accessories. They stimulate the imagination, bring good thoughts and harmony into your life.

Geometry is trendy

Geometry will never go out of style. Circles, squares and triangles are just eternal. 5 wall clocks and several wall decorations that you can choose according to your taste, as well as the placement of the individual segments, there are no limits to your imagination.

Wall clocks and decorations with geometric shapes fit in every modern apartment, restaurant, shop and office. They are a great addition to both stylish and classic furniture.

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How long does it take to produce my order?

The production time varies depending on the product, quantity and printing technology used. All of these processes are included in the Estimated Delivery Date, which you can find on each product page in the “Shipping Options” section.

Can I repeat an order?

You can easily repeat an order via your user account. Log in with your access data and click on the “Orders” option. Here you can see all your Camaloon orders. Select the order you want and click on the “Repeat order” button in the top right corner. The corresponding items will appear again in your shopping basket and you only have to complete the ordering process.

How high are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs may vary depending on the weight of the order and the destination country. To calculate the exact amount, all you have to do is enter the products you want and your address details. Select the delivery option you want to confirm the exact amount.

How can I download my invoice?

You can view and download your invoices in your user account. All orders that you have placed with Camaloon will appear under the “Orders” option. Select one of the invoices to view a summary of the relevant order. You can download the invoice in PDF format using the “Download invoice” button.

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