Frequently Asked Questions

Personalised fridge magnet badges with your logo or message

Personalised fridge magnet badges are ornaments, attached to a small magnet which is used to place it on fridges or other magnetic surfaces. While fridge magnet badges are very popular for holding items on the fridge, as a souvenir or as a collectable item, they are also increasingly chosen to hold promotional messages of logos of the company using them for their advertising plans. Although flexible magnets were later invented, the first fridge magnets were solid and rectangular or circular like our fridge magnet badges. Most conventional magnets have set north and south poles, however flat refrigerator magnets receive their magnetisation during the manufacturing process with altering north and south poles on the side that will be placed on the fridge.

Personalised fridge magnet badges have enough uses to stay around forever

Personalised fridge magnet badges are so useful in so many different ways, not only for your company but for your client who receives them too, which is what makes them such ideal candidates when deciding what type of promotional items to opt for when organising your advertising efforts. Clients will use fridge magnet badges over and over again, for holding lists on the fridge or board, holding important documents or simply quick reminders that people leave for themselves. Regardless of the way that your clients decide to use them, the important thing to consider is that your logo will be ever-present in a place it will be seen every day!

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