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    How to sell more with personalised magnets

    Place your promotional messages on fridge magnets in a wide variety of shapes and sizes

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which personalised magnets are best for my business?

    When it comes to personalising your promotional products, as always, we give you options. Our hard fridge magnets come in a variety of traditional shapes, such as square, round and rectangular, whereas our flexible magnets are come in completely customisable cuts. Their shape is entirely down to you! We even have models that can offer you a little extra. Choose magnetic bottle openers to give as useful and decorative gifts to take drinks from the fridge to glass in record time. What a refreshing idea that is! Creating your magnets is easy, too. Simply pick the size and shape that’s right for you and upload your design onto our online editing tool.

    Who uses personalised fridge magnets?

    Personalised fridge magnets are used by all sorts of businesses, for many reasons. They’re entirely decorative, come in many shapes and sizes and can carry any message. This makes them a great piece of promotional material with which companies can get creative with, as well as gain extra exposure for their brand. But their value doesn’t start and end with promotions! Personalised fridge magnets are popular collector's items and souvenirs, so they’re ideal to stock on your shelves and design as merchandise too. But don’t let your creativity stop there. Why not experiment with your design? Printed T-shirts are brilliant ideas for promotional campaigns, souvenirs and merchandising and they can be equally as artistic or decorative. Choose magnets, T-shirts and much more and think about releasing several products as part of a new range or campaign!

    What are the benefits of personalised fridge magnets?

    Personalised magnets are great for exposure, partially thanks to the most popular place to put them on: the fridge. Everyone eats food, multiple times a day, so we all need fridges. Printing your logos onto personalised fridge magnets means your clients will see them every time they prepare dinner or reach for a chilled drink. They’re not only great for restaurant and takeaway businesses looking to take advantage of hungry clients with empty fridges either. Personalised magnets can be put anywhere with a magnetic surface. Instead of a business card, that’s likely to get lost in a wallet or quickly find its way to the back of a drawer, personalised magnets are placed out in the open, for everyone to see, giving your business the kind of exposure it can thrive on!

    How can personalised magnets help with marketing campaigns?

    Personalised fridge magnets are great products for promotional giveaways. Decorative, inexpensive and customisable: Magnetic bottle openers and fridge magnets make great items for broadcasting a new brand message and promoting a business. But you don’t just have to stop at one promotional item. Personalised badges work similarly and have the opportunity to take your brand even further. You could include both as part of your next marketing campaign for a lasting reminder of your company, for your clients. Whilst you’re at it, what use is a promotional pack if there’s nothing to carry it in? Create personalised bags too and offer a goody bag of giveaways!

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