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Custom mousepads nowadays are as much of a staple in the office as paperclips or erasers. With a similar function to placemats and doilies, it is simply a surface for placing and moving a computer mouse in order to increase usability. The first mousepad was designed by Jack Kelley in 1969, around a year after the public had first been presented the mouse. It was originally known as a CRT Cursor Control Mechanism Pad but they have come a long way since then and now custom mousepads are being used, as much more than simply an addition next to your notepad on the desk. Now companies are adding their own designs with mousepad printing and creating an item that helps them promotionally and undoubtedly gifts their brand with great visibility opportunities.

Modern custom mousepads tend to be made of a lesser dense form of rubber composite and has a fabric layer attached to the top side. Despite this, you can find that many different materials have been and continue to be used, from plastics that you would see in average lunchboxes, leather, cork and even stone which you would only associate with office supplies as perhaps a paperweight. Some of the more sought after materials being used in recent times are ecologically friendly materials such as recycled plastic and recycled rubber tires.

Custom mousepads to make work life more comfortable

Higher speed, more precision and greater comfort for the user were the main points of the introduction of mousepads and now logo mousepads show another side that allows them to be used for more than their primary function. Even with custom mousepads, you can gain the benefits of greater comfort with our ergonomic mousepad for example, which provides wrist support. Vinyl board covers help with more precision thanks to their naturally adhesive properties. While a rubber roller-ball may not work as well on a vinyl surface, fabric surfaces are also available for custom mousepads to suit every variation of the mouse.

Let us not forget that despite all this focus on custom mousepads, we offer much more than that at Camaloon. Take a look at our customized T-shirts to see how else you can use an everyday product to really elevate the public knowledge of your company and brand.

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