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Custom mousepad printing

Custom mousepad printing gives you the freedom to design a promotional item with a great function

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Custom mousepad printing for your company

Custom mousepad printing could have a great impact on the visibility of your brand. Acting as a surface for using and placing a computer mouse, the use of this item was fairly limited until more modern times when companies are enjoying the benefits of clever marketing tactics. Higher speed, precision and comfort are the three main pros that are brought to the table by using a mousepad and who would not want their company to be associated with these traits. Custom mousepad printing and logo mouspads allowed for this association to be made.

There are many different textured surfaces to choose from in order to function well with the various types of mouse technologies. With natural adhesive properties, vinyl board covers were hugely popular around the 1980s, followed by a fabric surface in order to fit the needs of the steel mouse ball. Nowadays, the material that tends to be found in lesser density rubber composites with fabric bonded to the upper surface. They work with any type of computer mouse and can, therefore, be perfect for custom mousepad printing where your item will be in the hands of many people, with different types of computer mouses to use.

Custom mousepad printing puts you closer to your clients

With custom mousepad printing, you will be closer than ever to your customers. One of the most important factors of a good promotional product is making sure it is something that the recipients have a need for, something they will likely use every day and not simply toss aside like the fate of so many promotional items. Mousepads are a necessity within the office at your job or at your home computer and so all that is left is to personalize yours and make an impact on the desks of your clients. At Camaloon, we make the most of the printing technologies available to bring you the best result for each type of printable product that we offer.

Screen printing (also known as serigraphic or silkscreen) is a method that involves preparing a screen and passing a squeegee across the mesh to fill the open holes with ink and pass this to the substrate waiting on the other side of the screen. If you want to take the option of having a full-color design then we have more than one method that can fit your needs. Two of the printing techniques available are our full-color ready models of mousepads are UV and sublimation. UV printing involves the use of a flatbed printer and UV curable inks. These inks are then exposed to strong UV light in order to cure them, allowing for printing on a great range of surfaces like wood, leather, ceramic and more. Similarly, sublimation printing also uses heat to transfer colors (dye) onto materials. The name stems from the fact that the dye was considered to transition between gas and solid states without passing through the liquid stage which was later discovered to be incorrect. Nonetheless, the full-color effect is accurate and evident for your custom mousepads.

If you are considering a large promotional effort then it is a great idea to have your staff dressed with your logo, so that they can easily be found at trade events and fairs. Customized T-shirt printing also gives you an extra item for giveaways and leaves you in a nice position to jump to any advertising opportunity.

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