Promote your company with these practical and cheap coffee mugs, a modern and stylish way to spread your brand and reach new customers. These cheap mugs are a perfect way to to increase brand awareness, whether it be in your given to your customers and given to employees to use in the office.

How it works

1. Pick your product

1. Pick your product

Scroll through our wide variety of personalised mugs to find the one that is most suitable for your business' promotional needs. With our range of 44 mugs, we can almost guarantee to have what you are looking for. So, look through our product range carefully and select the promotional mug that your companies brand, logo, or slogan would look best on.

2. Add your personalisation

2. Add your personalisation

After you have picked the perfect mug, it's important to get the measurements, images, and font of your personalisation spot on. Select the amount of products you need, and then get creative! Our concise personalisation tool allows you to add images and text in an array of different fonts, whether it be on the front or back of the product.

3. We'll do the rest

3. We'll do the rest

Once you're happy with the product and your personalisation, sit back and relax, we'll take it from there. Your product will then go through Camaloon's complimentary Quality Control to ensure your product looks exactly the way you imagined it. Then, while you focus on how you're going to utilise these products, you can relax knowing that a new, exciting chapter for your business is on the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Personalised Mugs?

Mugs are used daily to consume hot beverages such as coffee or tea. Mugs usually have a handle on the side and can usually hold larger amounts of fluid than other cups. Nowadays, coffee mugs are usually made of ceramic materials with a handle making it easier to drink and safer to hold. But they are available in other materials and forms too, such as mugs made from enamelled metal for a good old fashioned cuppa, insulated thermal mugs for enjoying hot tea all day or reusable coffee cups, perfect for a latte to take away!

Which Promotional Mugs Are Best For Your Company?

Think of the image you want to associate your brand with, and decide which of our mugs will represent your business in the best way. Personalise in colour to match your brand and upload your image or logo using our easy-to-use platform and tools. Choose between colourful ceramic mugs and vintage mugs made from enamelled metal. Or pick personalised travel mugs to have your logo seen on the go! We have a great selection of vacuum insulated thermos mugs, made from stainless steel and bamboo fibre, all ready to personalise! Most of our mugs are microwave proof and suitable for dishwashers without losing their print!

Who Uses Personalised Mugs?

Businesses use mugs to help boost brand awareness. And seeing as tea-time is prime time for small talk, having your logo on one of our mugs can put your company at the centre of the conversation. Whether it’s during the morning cup of coffee or a hot drink after lunch, your brand will be noticed time and time again. Not a fan of hot drinks? We’ve got you covered. Put your design on one of our many personalised water bottles so you, your customers and your employees can stay hydrated at the desk or on the move.

Where Is the Best Place to Print On One of Our Mugs?

Your design, logo or photo will be printed on the side of your mug which will give the print maximum exposure every time it's placed on a table or lifted for drinking. To create the personalised prints on your mugs we use different printing techniques depending on the material of the mugs. For our bamboo travel mugs, we use laser printing to engrave the design on the surface of your mug. We also print mugs in one colour by using serigraphy or screen printing, or prints in full colour with sublimation. With some of our mugs you can personalise the handle and inside in a different colour to match your brand even better.

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