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How to customize travel mugs?

  1. Choose your favorite custom travel mug between all the different models online; you should look for the style and color which will best display your company’s logo and details.
  2. Once selected, upload your designs and images to an easy-to-use online tool that is usually on the website of the company from which you are buying the merchandise.
  3. After the design has been finished, it will be checked to make sure the print will turn out exactly as you had imagined, and if it is believed to not be as good as it possible could be, advice will be offered on how to improve the design.
  4. Finally, the custom travel mugs will be printed and once again examined by quality control so the customer is completely satisfied with the product.

At Camaloon we use an easy-to-use online tool which gives you the outline of the printable area so you can see how the design will look whilst creating it.

Promoting events with personalized travel mugs

One thing almost everybody in the world has in common is travelling. Either travelling as an interest or as a necessity for work. Therefore, handing out custom travel mugs with your company’s logo is a step in the right promotional direction. People everywhere will see your personalized travel mugs being used in public as they are making their commute to work, going on holiday or just taking a walk in a park. At Camaloon we have a large team of experts from all over the world working hard to give our clients the best possible experience by providing a positive and professional service and searching for the best quality products.

In our new line of products, we have introduced a variety of high quality drinkware which has been tried and tested to make sure it will last a long time and always display your company’s logo perfectly. We have added a series of custom mugs which look perfect when they have been printed on, and we are sure office workers all over the world will love to have their morning coffee in them. We now have a nostalgic series of classic-looking custom metal mugs which look absolutely amazing when they have been printed with an amazing design; they come in a variety of colors and you have a choice between a model which can be printed on in one color or a model which can be printed on in full color. And for those who just can’t get enough of travelling, we have added a custom holiday travel mug so that even when they are in another country, they will always display your brand proudly.

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