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Custom pencils & personalized pens with your branding

Personalized promotional pencils are goodies suitable for all ages. In the office, at home or at school, the personalized pencil is an accessory to always have on hand for drawing or jotting down ideas. With the personalization of your text, logo or visual, the advertising pencil is an ideal promotional item to spread your brand and promote your business. Mechanical pencils, logo pencils, gray pencils or colored pencils, discover our wide range of customizable advertising pencils.

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
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Easy customization

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
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We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
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Express delivery

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How does it work

1. Choose your product

1. Choose your product

Scroll through our custom pencils section to find the one that best suits your company's promotional needs. With our range of pencils, we can almost guarantee that we have what you are looking for. So, take a good look at our range of products and select the pencil that would make your brand, logo or slogan look best.

2. Add customization

2. Add customization

After you've chosen the perfect pencil, it's important to select the correct measurements, images, and fonts. Select the number of products you need, then unleash your creativity! Our concise customization tool allows you to add images and text in a variety of different fonts.

3. We will do the rest

3. We will do the rest

Once you are happy with the result of the product and its customization, sit back and relax, we will take care of it from there. Your product will go through Camaloon's supplemental quality control to ensure it looks exactly as you envisioned. Then, as you plan how you are going to use these products, you can relax knowing that an exciting new chapter for your business is on the way.

Frequent questions

How to succeed in your communication campaign?

To promote your business, you need to build on the visibility of your brand. In this regard, promotional items are very widespread. Personalized with your logo, advertising pencils promise a wide distribution of your image. Our pencils have a great potential for personalization with different marking options. Depending on your needs and your message, you can opt for pad printed wooden pencils, colored pencil boxes printed by screen printing or engraved mechanical pencils. Our natural wood pencils improve the reputation of your company, thanks to their ecological character. To be successful in your marketing campaigns, consider distributing a business promotional pen that looks like you. Choose from our wide range of custom pens, pencils or highlighters to get the ink flowing over your brand.

Why personalize pencils?

The pencil is an instrument for writing that is firmly anchored in people's daily lives. Always present in schools, the pencil is also used in many professional sectors, such as graphics, architecture or communication. Lightweight, useful or even essential, the personalized pencil is the advertising object par excellence for your corporate communication. The universality of its use makes the personalized pencil an effective tool to disseminate your brand to a wide audience. Its many customization options make the pencil the ideal advertising medium to develop your image at a lower cost. From ecological wooden pencils, to metal mechanical pencils, from colored pencil boxes to logo pencil, you benefit from a wide range of pencils to accompany your promotional campaign.

What are the advantages of advertising pencils?

The personalized pencil is a timeless promotional item that has demonstrated its great effectiveness on numerous occasions. To draw, color or make sketches, the personalized pencil accompanies your customers and employees wherever they go. In the creative professional environment or for daily note taking, the pencil has become an essential accessory, both in the office and at home. The advertising pencil has always been a great success due to its power of loyalty and dissemination. Just like promotional pens , fountain pen, Bic or felt-tip pen, personalized pencils are timeless promotional items. The personalized pencil is a cheap and ideal traditional gift to energize your communication campaigns by the object.

Where to print your logo on personalized pencils?

Let your imagination run wild to personalize original pencils. You will find a wide variety of pencils to personalize among our articles for writing. Depending on the model and the corresponding material, you can print your text, logo or visual on the surface of the pencil or mechanical pencil by pad printing or laser engraving. For colored pencils, printing is carried out by screen printing on the cardboard box serving as packaging. Also remember to print your logo on personalized notebooks to match this writing support to your personalized pencils.

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