Custom plastic pens are one of the most popular promotional products to gift to customers at events or fairs, they are economic as well as easy to bring with you in large quantities. In our broad range of plastic pens we offer many different models, inks and colors, as well as pens with details of chrome or golden metal. Print your company logo, designs or text on the top half of the pens to ensure exposure whenever they are used.

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Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
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Easy customization

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
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We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
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Express delivery

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Your cheap plastic promotional pens!

Buy plastic pens personalized with your logo at Camaloon

Personalized gifts for clients | Camaloon

Personalized gifts for clients

Offer plastic pens to your customers or partners to promote your brand. A ballpoint pen personalized with your logo is a classic, practical and essential corporate gift for your business. This pen allows you to please your customers and gain visibility because it will accompany them every day in their bag, at work or at home.

Promotional pens for events | Camaloon

Promotional pens for events

To ensure during trade fairs or forums, personalized advertising pens with your effigy are mandatory! Print your logo, company name, phone number and email address on it. Then distribute them to your potential customers so that they will remember you and have something to contact you in the future!

Personalized pens for your employees | Camaloon

Personalized pens for your employees

Equip your employees, students or members of your association with plastic pens personalized with your logo to create a family and friendly environment in your institution. They will need it every day! Camaloon will help you create the perfect pen for your business and make it a great function material.

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Choose your plastic pens at Camaloon

Discover our wide range of customizable plastic pens

Cheap personalized pens | Camaloon

Cheap personalized pens

To advertise without draining your communication budget, Camaloon offers a wide choice of personalized plastic pens at low prices. Since the pen is an essential goodie for any business, we want it to be economical and available in large quantities for everyone. We have the lowest price on the market!

Various models of plastic pens | Camaloon

Various models of plastic pens

We have a wide variety of customizable plastic pen designs so you can find the one that best suits your business. Choose from different shapes, colors and ink types to perfectly personalize your pen.

The quality of our plastic pens | Camaloon

The quality of our plastic pens

We carefully select all of our plastic pens to guarantee flawless quality. We test all our products before putting them on sale: the ball of each pen must write correctly and the outline of the pen must be resistant.

Personalized pens according to your activity

Are you a company | Camaloon

Are you a company

Goodies are historical advertising tools but still essential for any business.Plastic pens are always practical objects, if you personalize them with your logo they will allow you to gain visibility and spread a positive image of your activity because they will be present and useful in everyone's daily life. Promotional items personalized to your image are useful and effective for your marketing projects or advertising campaigns; to improve your corporate culture, create a family atmosphere and motivate your employees; or to make a good impression during events and trips. Customize plastic pens with your logo and information to mark the minds of all those who will use your personalized object and assert yourself as a recognized, inspiring and attentive brand.

Are you a reseller | Camaloon

Are you a reseller

At Camaloon we have worked with resellers for many years, serving a large portion of our customer base. This long and productive history that we have with resellers has enabled us to acquire experience and expertise. We therefore have a liability allowing us to guarantee you the best personalization and printing services on all types of objects. The system is very simple, you choose your objects, you personalize them to your image thanks to our online personalization tool, you check that the rendering suits you, then we take care of the production of your articles. Is reselling a new activity for you or your business? Ask our sales agents for advice, they will be happy to guide you through your process.

You are a school | Camaloon

You are a school

Using plastic pens personalized with your establishment's name and logo helps you achieve three main goals: integration, unity and reputation. Indeed, they allow you to maintain a friendly and inclusive school culture in your institution. Distribute personalized plastic pens to your pupils, students and employees and show that your school is also a family in which everyone has the right to learn. Your school will then be a benchmark for the education and well-being of all. In addition, they allow you to create a good team spirit, a school in which each student brings his added value. But still, pens in your image also allow you to promote your establishment and make your school known, ideal if you have national or international ambitions!

Printing method

Camaloon has been an expert in printing for years

Silkscreen | Camaloon


Screen printing is a popular, precise and economical printing technique. This process makes it possible to obtain intense colors with a strong contrast on different objects. Faced with these many advantages, Camaloon has therefore invested in high-performance screen printing machines to personalize your plastic pens, in order to guarantee you durability and quality.

Pad printing | Camaloon

Pad printing

Pad printing allows you to transfer any type of text or image with two or three-dimensional effects with a perfect finish. To personalize your goodies, Camaloon wants to offer you the best printing services, so pad printing on plastic pens has been obvious to us.

Digital printing | Camaloon

Digital printing

With digital printing, you can print your logo, slogan or name on your plastic pens with many colors. You can use your imagination and personalize your pens with complete freedom in the use of colors and patterns.

Create your goodies with Camaloon

For a perfect personalization of your stylus pens

Over 10 years of experience | Camaloon

Over 10 years of experience

Camaloon has been working for you for over a decade. We are experts in advertising strategy, creation of goodies, personalization of objects and we have our own manufacturing and printing plants.

Our online personalization tool | Camaloon

Our online personalization tool

We have developed an easy-to-use personalization software so that you can visualize the rendering of your personalized products for free and be sure of your choice of colors, shapes and patterns. To do this, go to the page of your favorite plastic pen, choose a quantity and click "continue".

Our product catalog | Camaloon

Our product catalog

Our wide range of products has been carefully selected! We choose all our promotional items so that they meet several criteria: relevance, resistance and originality. Each of our plastic pen models is unique and practical.

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Discover other goodies that can accompany your plastic pens

Business notebooks

To complete your office accessories offering, a notebook personalized with your logo is perfect goodies to pair with your plastic pen. Inseparable to allow your customers or employees to take notes all day.

Custom tote bags

For an event, you can plan to distribute personalized totebags in your image and put in various personalized objects including your plastic pens so that your potential customers do not lose anything that you have given them!

Personalized mugs

If you want to outfit your employees' desks with your corporate goodies, personalized coffee or tea mugs with your logo are perfect to complete your pack.

Personalized clothing

Custom t-shirts, sweaters or caps with your image are useful for your business for different occasions! Your employees can wear them to represent you at events, to work in your shop, to be equipped for manual work. You can also distribute them at events to make yourself known or give gifts to your customers.

Catalogue for businesses

Products and solutions tailored to your needs.



Is it possible to change the delivery address of an order?

Yes, you can change the address of your order if your items have not yet left Camaloon premises. However, we will not be able to change your address if your package has already left. You can view the status of your order in your customer area. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us about the status of your order to know if it is still possible to change your delivery address.

Can we order a sample?

As we understand the importance for companies to be able to visualize the rendering of personalized goodies, often involving large orders in large quantities, we say yes to sample requests. The only condition that must be met is that the product does not have a minimum quantity for the purchase. Chat with one of our experts to better understand the process.

How can I create a user account?

To create a Camaloon account, all you need to do is have an email address and create a password. Having a user account has many advantages, you can save your visuals so that you don't lose them when you place an order. By saving your designs, you make sure that you can reuse them to make new orders, similar to your previous orders or totally different, by applying your design to other promotional items.

How long does it take to produce an order?

The average time between the moment you place your order and the receipt of your goodies is approximately 72 hours. Production time varies depending on the item selected, the associated printing technique and the quantity ordered. Production time may also vary depending on the different items you have in your cart and your shipping address.

Can't find what you need?

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