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Promotional Contour 360 Wrap Pens

Promotional Contour 360º Wrap Pens are the leaders among the promotional pens. With 360º printing, they will show off your brand from any angle of the pens. This style of printing refers to the print being transferred all around the pen, 360 degrees. Ideal for colorful, vibrant, and detailed designs that highlight your logo or promotional message in the middle of the pen. Our 360º wrap pens are made of plastic and have either a lid or a click mechanism to expose the ballpoint tip with blue ink. Slim and elegant style, produced by the trust-worthy company they will give a feeling of reliability and fashion. The price is calculated to meet the primary requirement for the merchandise that is used solemnly for promotional campaigns. Therefore, it gives ground to use this product as a free giveaway without concerns about the budget.

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
Easy customization -  Camaloon

Easy customization

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
We review your designs -  Camaloon

We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
Express delivery -  Camaloon

Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.

Custom 360º wrap pen in full-color printing for your business

Are you looking for the best pen for your giveaway campaign? Then you are on the right page!

Internal and external marketing

Internal and external marketing

More than affordable price of the pen will encourage you to use this promotional tool to its full potential. Fairs, conferences, welcome packs, “thank you” souvenirs, or just at the entrance to your shop. Human nature will work for your benefit, people will take the pen, use it, and will surely come back to you.

The simplicity of genius

The simplicity of genius

Great for daily use at the office, school or home. This pen is ideal for a variety of writing applications from note-taking to doodling. Plain model, a pleasant touch of the material and durable plastic carcass meet all the requirements that you ask from a pen. That is why 360º wrap printing pens remain in high demand.

Style in every curve

Style in every curve

Bright colors that you can print on your promotional pen will do the trick of dragging people's attention at first glance, 360º wrap printing will keep their attention on the pen and therefore on your brand. Open up your brand to a wider audience just by using a proper merchandising item such as these pens.

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Customize your promotional pens in the smartest way with Camaloon

Perfect combination of features and characteristics for perfect results

Quality is on guard of your promotion

Quality is on guard of your promotion

Our product team has shortlisted at the moment 3 promotional pens for customization based on their outstanding characteristics: these pens write 90% longer on average than their competitors, spread the ink smoothly and evenly from the first to the last day of use, and have a convenient diameter of the body for a firm grip.

Best technology for your service

Best technology for your service

Full-color digital printing on the transparent or opaque body of the pen allows you to cover literally all the surface of the pen with your logo, image, or message. There are no limitations on the number of images you would like to upload for the printing area and there are no restrictions on the color palette.

We promote high standards

We promote high standards

When ordering BIC colorful pens you know the quality of the pen and ink will be good. When customizing them at Camaloon you will know that the quality of the printing will be great. And when placing a bulk order you will know that the cost of the pen will be pleasantly low. At Camaloon we will do our best to offer you the best.

Who can benefit from promotional full-color pens?

Camaloon has specially created subcategory of promotional pens for those who is looking for good quality products for a low price

Education entities

Education entities

First of all, why would schools, universities, or preparatory schools need merchandising? Well, because they need to advertise and promote themselves as much as any other company. They need to create a feeling of community and membership among their students. Why would they choose to include a pen customized with their logo as a part of merchandising package? Simply because there is no education process without learning how to write, making notes, and keeping the information in written form. Even if it is a college with cutting-edge technology, handwriting tasks and activities are still on the agenda. Why would they order Contour 360º Wrap Pens in bulk? Each year there are hundreds of pupils and students that are entering their premises, dozens of students that are graduating and leaving them forever and for good; and every year there are open doors activities. For these occasions and alike to them, schools and universities need stylish pens branded with their names and logos. Full-color pens with wrap-around printing will offer performance and value.

Businesses small, large and resellers

Businesses small, large and resellers

Camaloon started its business by dealing with large quantity orders for companies that needed good quality promotional items with personalization of them. 10 years of experience brought us to creating a specialized subcategory of promotional branded pens. And exactly this experience formed the list of pens that are offered here: minimum order quantity of 500 units will give our clients and partners the best possible price; trust-worthy producer of the product will guarantee the quality of the product itself; choice of the ink, versatile medium writing point and popular colors of the carcass will reassure the efficiency of these items as a merchandising tool; digital full-color printing and wrap-around printing area are the most attractive, colorful and demanded types of the personalization techniques in the market. As if it was not enough Camaloon, made everything possible to facilitate the ordering process for its partners giving the choice of making online ordering and/or contacting our account managers who provide extra service, support and discount for major orders.

Associations of all types

Associations of all types

Thanks to their stylish image and classical style these pens can be used for various multiple occasions. Students, clubs, charity organizations can profit greatly from their price-quality ratio. Camaloon offers a choice of colors and types of carcasses that one can adapt to the needs. Trendy Round Stic BIC pen made of transparent plastic with a frosty finish will be best applied for those who do not need full-color personalization but would more value the practicality of a translucent barrel that shows the remaining ink supply for a timely refill. When it comes to promoting the brand the items chosen for that purpose should respect the quality standards, otherwise, the impact of the advertising campaign will be quite the opposite to the expected. And in the case of pens, the standards are measured with a smooth writing experience. All our pens are equipped with points that provide bold, vivid lines perfect for jotting notes, writing remarks, making sketches. At Camaloon we root for flexibility and creativity at each and every stage that is why we choose our products with such qualities.

Printing techniques

Camaloon has over 10 types of equipment for different printing techniques among which we choose the best for each of your order

Digital printing

Digital printing

If you need to have a printing technique that allows you to print large qualities in a very short period of time; if your design is full of colors and graduating tones; and if your idea requires a 360º wrap printing area, then digital printing is “your guy”.

Pad printing

Pad printing

Pad printing is another method that is used often for big quantities production of personalized promotional products thanks to its technique of easy transferring of a 2D image, based on one color only, onto a curve-shaped item.



Silkscreen printing on plastic is applicable for the personalization of pens when the design is limited to 2 colors only but requires a more detailed and durable image. Our production team is working to apply this method for Contour 360º Wrap Pens.

Advantages of big orders of full-color pens with Camaloon

Working with reliable brands
Working with reliable brands

Camaloon has a long history of collaboration with the leaders of the market when it comes to promotional items. It guarantees the best price offer for bulk requests, priority in delivery options, and high-quality standards. We guarantee a great experience.

Full in-house personalization
Full in-house personalization

There is always a double check of the quality of the product by our technical specialists simply because all the products are personalized in our factory. We rack the quality of the color print, clear image of the design, and positioning on the product.

High-quality of design
High-quality of design

We are offering a multilevel revision of the design that you are uploading for printing. The first step is the design tool where you can verify the image, the second step is the validation of the order by our design team, and the last one is the quality check in the factory.

Why to customize Contour 360 Wrap Pens

Short guidance on how to choose promotional pens

How to choose the best promotional pens

It goes without saying that it is worthy to use pens in the promotional pack for any marketing campaign. But yet the question of how to choose the best promotional pen still may occur, given that the trends and demands change with gallop pace. However, finding the best option can be surprisingly simple. You start with an idea of exactly what you plan to convey and advertise with the pen, agree on the logo, text, and colors, and find the provider that you can rely upon to have your design printed in full color.

Promotional pens cheap

Make sure it is the most cost-effective merchandise. For this, you need to focus on two things: the material of the pen and the cost of the pen per unit when placing a large order. At Camaloon we deliberately shortlisted the choice of promotional pens to the ones that are made of plastic that is appropriate for digital printing. Our bulk orders agreement offers the lowest price maintaining good quality.

Promotional with stylus

When you make a specification of the promotional items for your campaign, go as creative as possible checking the latest trends and options that there are in the market. Combine basic promotional items with extra functions and perks. Such as a stylus for digital navigation attached to the pen. You can find some ideas in at our Personalised Stylus Pens page.

Promotional pens with logo

Colour and printing area are the two main characteristics that you should base your decision on. To be sure that the merchandise conveys the visual message properly it should be identical to the colors of the brand. Unless you have a mono-color logo, your choice of printing technique falls on digital printing. To achieve the maximum visibility of the brand with a pen Camaloon strongly advises considering 360º wrap-around printing. No matter how you hold the pen, your logo will always be right in front.

Promotional pens UK

Camaloon main production site is located in Barcelona Spain, but throughout the years of close and fruitful collaboration with our UK partners and international leaders in the logistics sector, we developed a very efficient and smooth production and shipment workflow for UK orders with guaranteed delivery within the agreed lead time.

Promotional pens online

Online ordering is essential nowadays. That is why Camaloon offers an online design and ordering tool for you to have full flexibility on when you want to place your order, how you want to pay for it, and how you want your design to look on the product.

Catalogue for businesses

Products and solutions tailored to your needs.


FAQ - Promotional full-color pens with 360º branding

Do you offer eco-friendly Contour 360º Wrap Pens?

Not at the moment. In the catalog for promotional pens, you will find pens only made of plastic. However, if you are looking for promotional pens of ecological materials you can check our Personalised organic pens for the option that will match your requirement and contact directly our account managers who will be happy to assist you with the best offer for bulk orders.

How can I create personalized multi-color pens?

  1. Select the type of pen that goes well with your marketing campaign. Choose the color of the body of the pen if applicable and introduce the quantity of the pens you would like to order.
  2. Next step is you get to our online design tool where you can upload your images and/or add the text within the printing area. The printing area varies depending on the style of the product that you choose and will be clearly marked by a pink dotted line.
  3. Once you are happy with the way your design looks: settled with the color, positioning of the design, and quantity, our system will take you to proceed to checkout. Fill in the delivery address, delivery option, and way of payment.
  4. The final step is to wait for your order of branded promotional pens to arrive and successfully use them as giveaways or gifts!

If you have several designs that you wish to order and to have them delivered to the same place just choose the option “add another design”.

If you have several products you wish to order and to have them delivered to the same place, restart the process with the next product on your list and it will be added automatically.

Is it possible to request a sample of a product?

Camaloon offers the possibility of requesting a sample of a specific product as long as the product does not have a minimum order quantity. So that before placing large orders, you could have an idea of how it would look and make changes if necessary. If you are a company and would like to request a sample of a product, contact us and our team will help you in the best possible way.

Can I change the delivery address of my order?

Yes! You can change the address as long as the product has not left our factory. We do not make changes to the delivery address once the product has been already shipped.

Can I make changes or cancel an order?

We offer the possibility of making modifications or canceling an order, provided that the request is made before the product goes into production. Once they have passed this stage, no changes and/or cancellations can be made.

How can I contact Camaloon?

It is crucial for Camaloon to offer open and easy communication with our clients. For any questions or doubts, we welcome you to contact us by live webchat and phone number you find below or through the customer service email: If you already have the reference number of your order, you can identify yourself through it and we will help you.

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