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Custom pocket mirrors - engraved and printed

Custom pocket mirrors can be easily transformed into an item that really shines with your design. Make the most of the double-sided printing available with selected models.

More ideas for custom promotional and re-sale items.

Create your own collection of items, each one as easily as the last.

How to make custom pocket mirrors?

  1. Begin by finding the perfect combination of sizes and finishes; there are two different sizes and five different finishes.
  2. Then, using Camaloon’s online tool, upload your logo, designs, images, text, or icons, and your custom pocket mirrors are very nearly ready to be produced.
  3. Once the design is finished it will be evaluated and once they have been printed the outcome will be assessed so we can ensure the best result of the final product.
  4. Finally, you will receive your custom pocket mirrors as quickly as possible so you can start using them immediately.

Camaloon prides itself on making the client’s experience as smooth and easy-going as possible, this is why we created and perfected an online tool to make designing products such as custom pocket mirrors a simple task.

How to use custom pocket mirrors for promoting my business?

Nothing makes clients and attendees of events feel more comfortable and included than free customized gifts. Custom pocket mirrors compliment events perfectly, especially events for the cosmetic and beauty industry. As long as you design your custom mirrors beautifully, people will be lining up to take them off your hands. Our mirrors come in either 56 mm or 76 mm and with 5 different creative styles. Just create your perfect design and match it with one of our creative styles and you are ready to hand these customized business mirrors out at promotions and events. Not only can they be handed out at events, but you could also send them to valued customers that repeatedly use your services.

At Camaloon you can create a whole package of promotional items, check out what else we have to offer as custom business gifts.

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