Retractable banners printed for your business

Choose a model of retractable banner that will roll out of the box straight into being your favorite promotional tool

Basic retractable banners | Camaloon

Basic retractable banners

This PVC coated canvas retractable banner with a matte finish is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They have a great price to performance ratio, especially for a double-sided banner. Available in two different thicknesses.

Standard / Premium retractable banners | Camaloon

Standard / Premium retractable banners

Our standard retractable banners are made from polyester, are opaque and waterproof. On the other hand, the premium models are made from polypropylene and provide an even more resistant product, great for placing your logo.

Non-flammable eco-textiles | Camaloon

Non-flammable eco-textiles

These retractable banners are made from textile with a high-quality polymer coating making them resistant to tears and water. They are also supplied with an Oeko-Tex certification and B1 certification for non-flammable materials, making them even safer for use both outdoor and indoor.

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How can you make custom retractable banners yourself?

The short answer is quickly... the longer answer is quickly and easily!

  1. Select the model that takes your preference
  2. Upload your logo or design and adjust it to the given printing area
  3. Add text as needed and select a suitable font, edit colors etc.

As easy as 1, 2, 3. Just add the order to your basket and complete the purchase.

How can you promote your brand easily and effectively with printed retractable banners?

As you can see, you can use your printed retractable banners in various settings. One great application would be at a trade fair where you can really make your stall stand out and will attract people to your company with a bold advertising tool that cannot be missed. What better way to grab a potential clients attention than with a custom roller banner that has enough room to let you express your brand exactly how you want, and enough size to have the oomph needed in an advertising context. From Basic to Standard and Premium, as well as extra models for outdoor areas, as well as mini roll-ups which are particularly popular in hotels and spas, you have a large selection with us.

No matter where you are or where you need your retractable banners delivered, we will make sure that your advertising banners are printed exactly the way you want them to be. We are an online printing company based in Barcelona with an advanced logistics system. This means that we can print your roll-up banners as you wish and deliver them throughout Europe without any problems.

You should also select the right structure for your custom retractable banners. As you can see, we offer numerous different models for your printed roll-up banners. Whether made of aluminum in black or silver, as an X-banner system, with 2 feet or a continuous banner, choose the right banner for the respective location. When you have reached the attention of your target group, you should have a suitable giveaway ready. With Camaloon you can design the perfect item for that very moment, like custom notebooks which are an ideal everyday use product to add your logo to.

When your advertising products are looking the part, you next need to equip your advertising team. Design your own custom lanyards and customized T-shirts so that your employees have a professional look. We have every angle covered!

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