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Custom wall decals, or stickers, are large designs with an adhesive surface that can be attached to walls or other smooth surfaces for decoration, marketing or informational purposes. We offer custom wall decals in vinyl or textile with canvas effect that are easy to attach to any flat surface and completely custom made by you.

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How it Works

1. Pick your product

1. Pick your product

Scroll through our wide variety of personalised wall stickers to find the one that is most suitable for your business' promotional needs. With our wide selection we can guarantee to have what you are looking for. So, look through our product range carefully and select the wall sticker that your companies brand, logo, or slogan would look best on.

2. Add your personalisation

2. Add your personalisation

After you have picked the perfect sticker, it's important to get the measurements, images, and font of your personalisation spot on. Select the amount of products you need, and then get creative! Our concise personalisation tool allows you to add images and text in an array of different fonts, whether it be on the front or back of the product.

3. We'll do the rest

3. We'll do the rest

Once you're happy with the product and your personalisation, sit back and relax, we'll take it from there. Your product will then go through Camaloon's complimentary Quality Control to ensure your product looks exactly the way you imagined it. Then, while you focus on how you're going to utilise these products, you can relax knowing that a new, exciting chapter for your business is on the way.

Frequent questions

What is a wall sticker?

Wall or decoration vinyl consists of a thin plastic film that is made up of the PCV (polyvinyl chloride) film itself, an adhesive layer and a backing paper. Once they are done, they are covered with transfer paper to take them to the wall without problems. Vinyl decoration is rather contemporary, and is used both indoors and outdoors. They are characterized by being durable and an excellent option to decorate the walls.

How to make your own wall decal?

The easiest way to make your own wall decal is by printing the image and using it as a mold on vinyls (contact paper) of the corresponding colors. If the image is very large, you will need to print it in parts on A4 sheets of paper. There are computer programs that help you to do it easily. After you have all the vinyl cut out, you have to stick it on the wall very carefully, as we explained previously. In this case you will not have front paper.

How to put a vinyl on the wall?

Clean the wall with a cloth to remove dust. Make sure it's smooth. When finished, peel off the paper a little from the back of the vinyl, a few centimeters will suffice. Then with adhesive tape, which does not damage the wall, fix the vinyl in the exact place where you want it to be stuck. If necessary, take action. Continue peeling off the back paper and fix the vinyl on the wall with the help of a spatula or, if you don't have one, with a card. Finally, take off the front paper and voila, your decoration vinyl is well fixed.

How to remove a vinyl from the wall?

It is a very simple process, but you must do it carefully. To do this, you will use a hair dryer or heat gun. By putting heat on the vinyl, it softens and you can peel it off easily, without risking the paint on the wall. You just have to take care that the heat is not too strong so that the vinyl does not melt, and try to put it about 10 cm away, to avoid the same situation. It is a safe way to do it, as it does not leave traces.

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