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Custom Labels

Custom Labels that identify your business

Customizing your packaging has never been easier. Make them unmistakably yours.

Many different ways to create and use your Custom Labels

Use your custom labels for branding, information, instructions for use or advertising.

Stick your business's essential information on Custom Labels | Camaloon

Stick your business's essential information on Custom Labels

Do you want your business to be recognized at first glance? Design your adhesive custom labels online, with your corporate image and contact information. To such a low cost, why don't you try different shapes, sizes, and designs for all types of packaging and products?

Design Custom Labels that show off your brand | Camaloon

Design Custom Labels that show off your brand

Add a professional look to your packaging and point of sales. These adhesive custom labels are versatile and easy to use. In an instant you can turn your packaging or products into more commercial support, with your most important information displayed in a clear and elegant way.

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What are Custom Labels?

A label is a piece of printed paper, plastic or vinyl affixed to a container or product, on which information, designs or company logos are printed. Labels are normally used for decoration, of for providing information on a products origin, manufacturer or use. Labels are commonly used for promotional purposes and can come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Custom labels may be attached to products to label them and show that they come from a certain company, or to describe characteristics of the product. Stickers or labels placed on the back of a car, often called promotional bumper stickers, can be used to promote your company or brand while on the road.

What are the benefits of Custom Labels?

Custom labels are usually supplied separately or on a roll or sheet, from which you peel the sticker and attach it with the adhesive side to a surface by applying pressure. By creating your very own custom labels, your products will be unmistakably associated with your brand. Stick them on the outside of the products packaging, envelopes or gift boxes so everyone will know where the products came from. You can also stick them on the front of your custom notebooks!

Who uses Custom Labels?

Labels may be used in any combination of identification, information, instructions of use or advertising. Custom labels are commonly used by companies that produce physical products, in particular alimentary goods such as candies, cookies or drinks in bottles. Here they can be used to either show the brand and company logo, or as dietary and allergen information. However, many US companies in any sector use labels when packaging their products as it gives a more personal feeling to the customers receiving the items they ordered. These labels can be either of the company logo and information, or even customized after each buyer with their name, for example. You can also add a free gift or giveaway in each package to promote new products, custom pens are the perfect product for this, due to their low costs and high usability.

How to choose the best Custom Labels for your company?

When you are deciding on how to choose custom labels for your marketing or business needs, there are many things to consider. Firstly, you will need to decide on what to print on the labels. This could be your company logo and information, a design or promotional message, for example. You then have to choose a shape that frames your custom print in the best possible way, as well as the size of the labels.

Where on the Labels can you print your design or logo?

Your print will be made on the whole surface of the label, from corner to corner, and cut in the shape you choose. All of our custom labels are printed with professional, high quality, full color (CMYK) digital printing. At Camaloon we also review all your custom prints before sending them off to the printers, to ensure that you receive the labels exactly as you imagined them.

How can you conduct a successful campaign with Custom Labels?

Designing promotional merchandise has never been easier than with Camaloon’s easy-to-use online tool. The only thing you will have to decide is where you are going to stick your new custom sticker labels, bear in mind they are perfect for any type of packaging. For example, any parcel your business sends out to customers could now be displaying your brand’s logo with pride, adding a touch of professionalism. Not only are they perfect for parcels, but they can easily be applied to any product, such as bottles, jars, display cases, etc. These custom sticker labels come in a variety of sizes ranging from 53x37 mm to custom sizes of your choice; you can even choose whether you want rounded corners or sharp ones, so you have complete control over how they look. By sticking your custom labels to all your products, packaging and other promotional items, you will easily gain brand knowledge in your sector. The more your company logo is seen, the more people will talk about you. Associate your brand with a beautifully designed label in high-quality and vibrant colors.

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