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Custom vinyl stickers

Choose the best option for your business: vinyl stickers

Customize them online and take advantage of their toughness, adhesiveness and durability.

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Vinyl makes your stickers stand out in any promotion or event.

Custom vinyl stickers for interior use | Camaloon

Custom vinyl stickers for interior use

They stick perfectly on flat surfaces, windows, furniture and the packaging of your products or shipments. They are also a great gift in fairs and events.

Custom vinyl stickers for exterior use | Camaloon

Custom vinyl stickers for exterior use

They are prepared to go off-road. Customize vinyl stickers and take advantage of their top durability and toughness. They survive even the harshest weather: wind, rain and extreme heat.

Matte lamination for vinyl stickers | Camaloon

Matte lamination for vinyl stickers

Their matte finish give your custom vinyl stickers extra toughness. And it also looks great with any design you might want to use.

Customize the shape of your vinyl stickers | Camaloon

Customize the shape of your vinyl stickers

Round, square, rectangular, oval or with any shape you want. Whether they with a unique cut or a standard shape, they will add character to your brand.

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Maximum quality

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Easy customization

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We review your designs

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Express delivery

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Why should you invest in custom vinyl stickers?

If you are thinking about ordering custom stickers to promote your brand or give away to your customers, choosing the material to use is essential. The decision should be based on the purported use of your stickers.

If you choose vinyl, you can print any logo or design you want and use them to dress your fleet with custom bumper stickers, sporting equipment, computers, shops and offices -even on the ground-, and they are the best quality label stickers for your packaging or products.

Vinyl is much more durable than paper, which makes these stickers great for exterior use or if you want your designs to live longer without fading out. Vinyl is also very flexible and adaptable, allowing you to customize and apply the stickers easily. Your designs will stick around and your advertising will stand out, regardless of where you or your customers apply these adhesive labels.

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