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Hoodies with original texts | Camaloon

Hoodies with original texts

With us you can upload your designs as well as add lettering and slogans in various fonts directly online.

Precise printing for your logo | Camaloon

Precise printing for your logo

Whether digital full colour printing or screen printing, we print your hoodies with the printing technique that best suits your design and the required quantity.

Trendy and ecological | Camaloon

Trendy and ecological

Our hoodies are also available in organic cotton. Your customers will feel the difference, just like your brand presence.

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How can you design and print your own custom hoodies?

Custom hoodies are incredibly popular with graduating classes, sports clubs and companies to give them a casual corporate look. So how can you design your hoodies yourself? This is how it works:

  1. Upload your design and adapt it to the given area.

  2. Add text in variety of modern fonts.

  3. Enter the required number of pieces.

  4. Add the creation to your shopping cart and design additional products or complete the order process.

Hoodies printed with your brand name

It is not for nothing that printing hoodies is one of the most popular marketing tools. It can influence the perception of your brand incredibly and strengthen the bond with your target group. For example, you can print custom sweatshirts and distribute them to your employees to provide a consistent corporate look. This will make it easier for your employees to identify with your brand and it will also help build team morale.

The same result can be achieved by printing T-shirts. A benefit of the T-shirts is that they can be worn at any occasion and in any season. Therefore it is worthwhile to place a bulk order, for which the T-shirt screen printing is particularly suitable, since an ideal price/performance ratio is secured for you.

Why should you design hoodies yourself?

Because it's not just some promotional item that disappears into a drawer, but it's a sign of quality and gives your brand a high-quality appearance. Whoever you want to please with your printed custom hoodies, they will definitely appreciate the gesture. The more attractive your design, the more often people wear the hoodie and the more visibility your brand has. You can get all this for bulk orders at reasonable prices. Choose the right model and start designing right away.

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