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Design T-shirts in just a few clicks
Design T-shirts in just a few clicks

Choose the model and color, edit your design with our online tools, add them to the cart, and you are ready!

Quick T-shirt printing
Quick T-shirt printing

Choose Express Delivery and you will receive your customized T-shirt order in record time.

Customize T-shirts in bulk
Customize T-shirts in bulk

Save money by ordering T-shirts in bulk!

T-shirts customized for your business

Our printing techniques are specifically chosen to suit your needs

Screen printing

Screen printing

Screen printing, or silkscreen printing, is the most common form of commercial T-shirt customization. This technique uses a custom-made mesh screen placed on top of the T-shirt for each design. The print is produced by moving ink over the screen with a blade, transferring the colour and desired pattern onto your T-shirt. A special screen is made for each design, so large quantity orders help you make the most of your investment.

Digital Printing (DTG)

Digital Printing (DTG)

DTG or 'direct to garment' printing is a printing process where the custom design is printed directly onto the fabric of your T-shirt. This process produces some of the most detailed designs possible, using as many as colors you want, and is therefore ideal for printing photo T-shirts. This method is usually used when ordering small quantities of high-quality products.

Double-sided printing

Double-sided printing

Thanks to our advanced printing technology we have the possibility of printing your T-shirts on both the front and the back. This means that you can put your company logo on the front, while boasting your promotional messages on the back. Double-sided printing literally doubles the exposure of your brand and is a great option for when you can’t decide on only one design!

Why companies trust us to print their custom T-shirts

A customized experience for each client and order

Business process

Business process

At Camaloon we purchase all products directly from the source and our experts carefully select T-shirts and brands that fit all kinds of marketing needs your business may have. We extensively test each textile and the respective printing techniques before adding them on our website, to ensure we only offer the best products.

Easy merchandising

Easy merchandising

The overview of our product range is created to facilitate the selection of the model of T-shirts you are looking for. We also have an easy-to-use design tool available on the website, which lets you preview the finished product before placing an order. Our payment methods are secure and we offer a range of delivery options to suit your needs.

Quality of production

Quality of production

We are print all T-shirts in-house which allows us to validate each design before printing, as well as ensure great quality throughout the production. Our process gives us the possibility to ensure fast production and we are always available for post-order issues should you have any.

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Grow your business with custom T-shirts

Discover all the ways you can take advantage of promotional merchandise

What is custom T-shirt printing?

A printed T-shirt is a T-shirt with a design, image or message printed on it. Popular printed tees include merchandise T-shirts, concert T-shirts or souvenir T-shirts, however, the options for customization are endless! Whatever occasion or reason you are looking to print custom T-shirts for, you will find the perfect model here on our website. If you need something for colder weather, we also offer customized hoodies in many models and colors.

Who uses custom T-shirts?

Custom printed T-shirts are great for catching the eye, and that’s exactly why companies use them to promote their business, boost brand awareness or sell them as merchandise. They are often used as a way of personal expression, to endorse a brand, support a cause or even to show a sense of humour. When the graphic is printed front and centre, it’s hard to miss, and that’s why companies choose to put their logo and promotional messages on T-shirts: Because they will be noticed!

How to choose the best model and material of T-shirt to print on?

When you know for what purpose and for whom you are creating custom T-shirts, it will be easy to decide on a model and material. For promotional giveaways, we recommend our budget tees as you will save a lot with large orders. If you are creating them for a sports event or charity run, we offer T-shirts in breathable polyester that can be printed with the company logo on the front and a message on the back. Some of the earliest T-shirts were used by the U.S. Navy and date back to around the late 1800s to the early 1900s where they were made from cotton and used as undergarments. Despite the design altering a bit over the years, we have soft and comfortable T-shirts made from organic cotton that capture the essence of the original item.

What are the benefits of custom T-shirts?

T-shirts are especially popular with branding for companies or merchandise, as they are inexpensive to make and purchase. Custom T-shirts are great for general exposure or to be used as souvenir for specific events. If you have an event, concert or other occasion coming up, a T-shirt with your logo on is a great way to make sure it won’t be forgotten. Because it will be nice to remember that special occasion sometimes. Another popular product is our custom cotton tote bags that make excellent giveaways when filled with your promotional products and printed with your logo.

Where can you print your company logo or promotional messages?

Print your logo and brand message on the front or back of one of our T-shirts, or for maximum exposure, why not print on both sides? Our new double-sided printing feature offers you even more ways to customize your T-shirts the way you want them to look. Your prints can be produced in single or full-color, so that you have the freedom to use any design you want.

How to drive successful campaign with custom T-shirts?

At Camaloon we have an extensive amount of items which can be customized to fit your promotional needs. To put this into perspective, imagine being part of a conference and handing out custom T-shirts with your company logo printed on them. You can even create custom buttons for each event and attach them to the tees! Nothing makes clients and attendees of events feel more comfortable and included than customized gifts. And make it even more special, you can present them with customized notebooks so they can write down any relevant information in a beautiful notebook covered with your perfect design. Printing your brand in a stylish and attractive way on essential and popular products is a proven way of increasing brand awareness and company growth.

Versatile and useful customized products

For whatever purpose you are looking to print custom T-shirts, let us help you



One of the greatest advantages of T-shirts is all the different colors they can come in, creating endless options for you to express your message. Once you have chosen your design, our team of experts will validate it completely for free to make sure your order arrives just as you had imagined, with the perfect print. Our high-quality prints, materials and various models, make our custom T-shirts perfect for reselling.

Promotional merchandise

Promotional merchandise

Custom T-shirts is a great way to strengthen your company image or brand at events. At Camaloon we offer an immense amount of options for you to create your perfect custom T-shirts and get the most out of your promotional activities. If you have decided to order promotional shirts in bulk, we believe screen printing is the best option for you. Make sure to always have your custom T-shirts in hands for any event or occasion where you want to promote your business.

Corporate use

Corporate use

Custom T-shirts are great gifts to make your employers feel like a part of the team and help welcome your new starters, so let your staff wear your logo with pride and help your company to gain even more exposure. With custom T-shirts in different sleeve lengths and varying neck shapes, all available in a choice of materials and a wide range of colors that fit your brand, we’re sure there is a customizable T-shirt for all employees!

Custom T-shirts from Camaloon

The right place to get your custom T-shirt from

What variety of custom T-shirts do you have?

Camaloon offers you a wide range of T-shirts to customize! We have various T-shirt brands for you to choose from:

Check out our variety of Gildan T-shirts, they are perfect to wear because of their good quality and durability.

If you are looking for an extra level of print quality on your T-shirts, then our B&C T-shirts are the way to go!

What are your most economical T-shirts to print on?

Our team has made sure to find the best cost to quality promotional T-shirts for you. We can say that here at Camaloon you can find one of the best prices in the market. Our best cost to quality promotional T-shirt choices are:

Why get custom T-shirts from Camaloon?

Because we care about you and your promotion campaign. We have put together a wide range of T-shirts for you to customize, you can choose from different materials and types, have them printed or not, or even add custom packaging. Everything to get your perfect custom T-shirt.

Another reason is that we are our manufacturers. That means that we take care and give great importance to the whole process, from getting the product, designing it, printing it, and sending it to you, so that you can get your custom T-shirt as fast as in 48 hours.

Do you have some eco-friendly models of custom T-shirts?

We want your promotional campaign to match the values of your company, that is why we offer many different models of organic cotton T-shirts for you to customize!

Are you interested in reselling our T-shirts with your print on?

We tend to offer you the best price in the market, making Camaloon the ideal place to get your custom T-shirts to resell. We also offer individual custom packaging with every T-shirt that you print on. Customlize your T-shirts and their packaging to the very last detail and resell it to your customers.

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