Design custom long sleeve T-shirts online | Camaloon

Design custom long sleeve T-shirts online

Our intuitive online design program allows you to upload your logo or make your own creations with just a few clicks, even if you have no idea what you are doing.

Tracked shipping | Camaloon

Tracked shipping

So that you receive your goods on time, we take care of speedy production and reliable shipping. Thanks to the tracking number, you can track it at any time.

Advantageous prices for bulk orders | Camaloon

Advantageous prices for bulk orders

The more long sleeve T-shirts you want to have printed, the cheaper it will be for you. Of course always with consistent quality. You can also order large quantities conveniently online

How does it work?

1. Choose your product | Camaloon

1. Choose your product

Choose one of our long sleeve t-shirts, but don't be too hasty. Take your time to evaluate each of the options that we offer for you. Take into account elements of the shirt such as: design, model, material and color. Similarly, for your promotional campaign, analyze factors such as: character and values of your company, who is it addressed and what message you are trying to convey. All this will help you make the best decision.

2. Customize your shirt | Camaloon

2. Customize your shirt

Now take the next step. Once you have selected the long-sleeved shirt that best suits your requirements, then it is up to you to customize it. With our online text and image editing tool, work is much easier. You can edit your designs and also load the ones that you already have predetermined. When everything is ready, you can send us your finished work so that we can proceed to review it.

3. We take care of the rest | Camaloon

3. We take care of the rest

The rest of the process is up to us, you should not worry about anything else. Your sent design will go through our complementary quality control through which we verify that everything is fine for printing. If there is any suggestion in this regard, we will let you know promptly. It is time to relax and hope that your long sleeve shirts look just as you imagined. We are sure that your promotional campaign will be a success.

Frequent questions

What is the minimum order for long sleeve shirts?

Some of our long sleeve t-shirts have a minimum order of 25 units, both unprinted and personalized. Other models offer the opportunity to order from 1 shirt, in the product option only, but not in the case of customization. We always recommend placing large orders to save money, especially for screen printing. However, your needs will always be a priority for us, so if your budget allows you the minimum order, there is no problem.

In which events are long-sleeved shirts more appropriate?

Actually, any event can be a good occasion to give away long-sleeved shirts. Both at trade shows, advertising campaigns and welcome packages, just to name a few examples. The important thing is that the product fits the requirements of the company and the objectives of the particular event. But, we see no impediment to use our shirts in any of them. Therefore, it is an excellent strategy to retain both customers and employees.

Who can wear long sleeve shirts?

Any type of audience can benefit from a long sleeve t-shirt. It is a casual style that is suitable for all ages and, in general, it is unisex garments, they look good on men and women. So don't worry about this factor. We've all worn long-sleeved shirts to go for a jog on a cool spring morning or to sweat at the gym to remove more toxins from our bodies. Therefore, we know that you will make your clients and / or collaborators happy with this gift.

What is better, choosing long-sleeved shirts with or without a hood?

The hood on a long-sleeved shirt usually offers extra protection in the head area, in case it rains or is cold. However, tank tops are also a great option. Your choice will depend on your preferences and the requirements of the campaign you are planning. Long-sleeved shirts with a round neck can be used for any time of the year, just like those with a hood, only that with these you would be giving an extra element of functionality.

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