Custom tank tops in just a few clicks | Camaloon

Custom tank tops in just a few clicks

Customize your custom tank tops online. You will see how they will look before buying with our design tools.

Choose express delivery for your order | Camaloon

Choose express delivery for your order

Receive your customized tank tops in a few days, with delivery tracking.

Wholesale custom tank tops | Camaloon

Wholesale custom tank tops

The best option to get the best price for your orders without losing maximum quality.

How does it work?

1. Choose your product | Camaloon

1. Choose your product

Choose one of our tank tops, you can choose between organic cotton, combed or part polyester and part cotton. They are all good quality options, but they vary in price. Also take into account the color, the printing techniques available and if you will send it to be printed on the front, back or both.

2. Customize your shirt | Camaloon

2. Customize your shirt

Have fun customizing your tank top. Once you are in our customization tool, choose the number of shirts you want to customize and start editing. You can upload your designs or combine your corporate image elements, such as the logo and slogan with our customization options.

3. We take care of the rest | Camaloon

3. We take care of the rest

We take care of the last phase of the process, which is the printing of your tank tops. First, it will go through our complementary quality control, with which we make sure everything is correct. So relax and wait for the fantastic end result.

Frequent questions

Does giving away tank tops take away the formality of my campaign?

That depends on the design you choose to print on them, as well as the color you choose. However, tank tops go better with an informal style and in hot weather, which is when it is best for us to use them. If you are participating in an event with a certain level of formality, perhaps you should personalize your tank tops as elegantly as possible, especially pay attention to the colors and the type of font you use. You can also choose another type of shirt, such as long sleeves.

Can you give tank tops to anyone?

In general, tank tops are chosen by a young audience, but anyone can wear this type of clothing. Especially in spring and summer, those sunny days when we don't want to sweat, but rather cool off a bit. So don't limit yourself to giving tank tops to all kinds of audiences. Also, they are as popular for men as they are for women.

Which printing technique works best on tank tops?

Both printing techniques, both screen printing and digital printing (DTG full color) are perfect for this type of shirt. However, as we always let our clients know, everything will depend on the design you plan to stamp on them. In our blog, you find a lot of content about each printing technique, but the most essential thing you need to know is that screen printing works best in simple designs and in Pantone or monochrome colors, on the other hand, digital printing supports more complex designs with a high level of details, including photographs.

Are the materials of our tank tops quality?

Yes, our tank tops are made, mostly with cotton. This is the ideal type of fabric for t-shirts, as well as for printing, either with screen printing or digital printing, the personalized designs of our clients. The result is very good. In addition, it is an ideal fabric for hot climates, that is, to use in summer, since it allows the skin to breathe.

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